Thursday, October 20, 2011

Old treasures.

Thank you everyone for your input about "the house". I will keep you posted about what happens there.
In the meantime......

This is the last in my series of photos from the friend of a friends farm.
It was filled with old treasures and photo opportunities.

There is something special about old things.

I just love the old worn, rusty look.

I feel each piece has a thousand stories to tell.

Just waiting for someone to pay them a bit of interest.

I wonder how many little bottoms have sat on this old seat?

How many family times were had around this chippy old table.

And I wonder, 
Who drank this water? What did they cook with it? and What did it taste like?


  1. Wow if only these pieces could talk Deb. The tricycle is cute, lets ponder the current age of it's first owner..hmm?
    Annie xx

  2. love it... have you ever seen an american show called "Picker Sisters" ? you can watch it on online... these two women who own a high end boutique drive around country areas and refurbish old and rusty pieces into unique pieces of furniture

  3. I love the old iron work and what great fun to be able to poke around a place like that - I am envious!

  4. Wow, blogger is crazy at the moment here. I thought this post hadn't published and it had. Man oh Man blogger and I are having "issues".

  5. Beautiful images Deb. You are right when you say "treasures". I adore the bedhead :)

  6. Oh so much history & interesting effects of the weather & time on those pieces you found. You certainly have an eye Deb, love Posie

  7. Very, very beautiful pictures!!!
    I simply love old things and their soul...

  8. Oh I love rusty too Deb. Beautiful images..the bedhead is my favourite. Enjoy the weekend X


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