Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Spring garden ...Friday flowers


If you are not into gardens or don't like roses, this might not be the post for you.

If you do, then come on in, let me show you around our garden in spring.

This climbing rose is a beauty, always reliable and very fuss free.

These things are dietes (I think).
We planted tons of them in the big drought. We are just recovering the garden after 10 years of drought.
They are so hardy, never need watering and you can't kill them with a stick!
I like the flowers they look like iris's.

These roses are just there by the hair of their chinny chin chins. They have been dodgy for a number of years. 
They must have heard me complaining and threatening to pull them out because they are performing well so far this season.
The lawn was scalped last weekend but I think it will green up quickly now the weather is warming up.

We recently installed these babies.
They are plumbed into the laundry and one of the toilets.
Excess water is used on the garden.

I love these roses.
They make really cute little posies.

These are by far my favourite roses.
I cut them and have them in the house often.

I only discovered these grannies bonnets the other day. I was delighted to find them.

These roses are bush roses gone a bit feral.
I can't bring myself to pull them out but they really are not very well behaved.

This one is very nice and extremly well mannered. Perhaps a little shy.

Are you sick of them yet?

My mum calls these "death lillies" or others call them "dunny lillies".
I think that is mean.
I rather like them.
I think they are sculptural.

Lulu says hello.
She bolted for her kennel when it started to spit with rain when I was taking the photos.


  1. Your gardens are beautiful! and I love the Calla lily (death lily as your mom would say) and the climbing yellow rose on the arbor but what I covet the most is your water collection system! I've said to The Husband many times that we should get that system(we are semi arid here in spite of the lakes) and I get the 'eye rolls'. I'm not giving up.

  2. Yes, go for the water tanks. Ours connect to the washing machine and my whites have never been whiter. I just feel less guilty about using water keeping some of the plants alive.

  3. Maybe your white rose is responding to all that lovely rain water being collected! Thanks for a peep at your beautiful garden, I never get sick of looking at flowers.

  4. Your flowers and roses are just beautiful, Deb! it looks like you are having a wonderful spring. You have so many varieties we don't have. I really love the lily's and the flower that looks like an iris! Very pretty!


  5. Your garden is so gorgeous Deb. Well done for keeping it going through the drought. I hope ours looks just as good one day. Have a great weekend. xx

  6. I have some lovely arum lilys too but never cut them and bring them inside. My mother used to cal them funeral lilys so they lost their appeal, although I love to look at them in the garden.

  7. The garden is beautiful! You have inspired me to get into the garden this week-end. Thank you. KP

  8. Your garden is a beauty Deb. Love all the roses you have. I hope they keep flowering for you. xx

  9. I am loving Spring and all the flowers!
    I just discovered your gorgeous blog through some of my other fav Aussie blogs & I am now your latest follower. I look forward to popping by for some more inspiration!
    Melissah from Coastal Style

  10. Great garden Deb and I love those lillies :) Things are a bit slower to flower here in jolly old Canberra but I spent most of the weekend in the courtyard garden so I'm hoping it will pay off soon :)

  11. Our Arum pillows have just bloomed but I live in fear of bringing them inside for fear of activating the Kiss of Death curse! Lovely to see your Lulu girl Debs!
    Millie x


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