Friday, November 18, 2011

home part 4 - the end

Hi sorry I missed a day.
I had to pop down to Melbourne.
Sadly there was no shopping time but, I went to a very worthwhile forum.

Are you sighing over the loveliness of this kitchen?
I am.
And the blue and white china.
Very big sigh..

It gets really cold in Ballarat in Winter so this stove would be fabulous.

Well that is that for this beautiful house.
It just seems to be comfy and unpretentious.
A real family home.

I found it all on Homelife.
There are lots of interesting homes in the galleries over there.


  1. I went to uni in Ballarat (ACU-Aquinas)so I can certainly agree with your conclusion on their winters! that kitchen with the coooker reminded me of my nan, God rest her, it is exactly like her kitchen....thanks.

  2. Thankyou for sharing a week of beautiful homes. Its nice to see real homes too.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Karyn x

  3. could you please let me know what brand and type of camera you used for your around Australia holiday photos please? I'm shopping for a new one.

  4. Hi HMB, I hope you come back to see this comment. I forgot to click the email button. I used a canon ixus55 for all our photos. Just point and shoot really. Mr M had a fancy pants canon but really, I don't think there was a huge difference, (shh don't tell him).Thanks for asking.

  5. That is a neat looking stove...very retro!


  6. I LOVE BALLARAT! And I love this house Deb, it's just gorgeous. Oh did I mention I love Ballarat!
    Millie xx

  7. Thanks for sharing this lovely house......but I want to see more of that kitchen!!

  8. I must have a look at Homelife if this is the sort of house found there. I've enjoyed these posts, this home is so lovely. Have a great weekend, Rachaelxx

  9. Oh that oven is amazing. Hey, my personal trainer in Darwin (4 years ago now, gosh times flies) was from Ballarat, Sophie Hawkins, super athlete, joined the Army then went pro as a triathlete. She was so much fun, so i rate Ballarat based on both of you. Love Posie

  10. I adore that kitchen image too - the blue and white and the wood stove are perfect x

  11. Thanks for sharing - I can see why you love this house so much, so many special little nooks....

  12. Hello Deb

    I love that stove - it reminds me of so many family members that had one like that and oh the meals that would come out of it.

    thank you for the journey through the house - gorgeous.

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  13. Deb, blue and white in kitchens is hard to get over. Beautiful images.

    If that stove could talk it would have some fab stories.

    You are so right... looks like a home not just a house.

    ; )

  14. Love home grown camellias & that gorgeous old fashioned stove. My two brother-in-laws live in Ballarat - their surname is Weigall just in case you know them - one is a famous fly fisherman. Long shot I know! Have a lovely Sunday.

  15. I could move into this home tomorrow! It is just gorgeous! X


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