Monday, November 21, 2011

& I love this

I just love this. the colours the canvas, the ampersand.

The mix of patterns and colour.
I wish I had that knack.

Perfect for pondering on over a cup of tea.

Tamworth store, the Magic Pudding.
via Homelife


  1. Testing, blogger are you cooperating today?

  2. Just pouring myself a tea now before I start on the ironing. Any excuse to take 5 and check what's happening around the traps. Love it too! A-M xx

  3. Oh yay, i'll go to Tamworth on the way back from Brisbane, looks amazing. I have the knack of design & styling, but no room to design or style. One day soon, i'll get there!! Love Posie

  4. I think we'd all like that knack ! the painting on the wall is great fun

  5. what a joy for my eyes first thing this morning...I love it... I really need to be more adventurous..


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