Wednesday, November 23, 2011

4 ideas for using garlands.

purl bee

design sponge

Martha Stewart


I have been thinking about Christmas decorations and found a bit of inspiration.
I like the idea of using a garland to decorate presents and I quite fancy the fringed garland.

Hmm, food for thought.
I shall ponder and create something soon.
Do you do a little handmade at Christmas?
Somehow it just doesn't feel quite right if I don't make something.

Even if it is a little daggy.
It's the love you put in, the anticipation, the promise of good times to come.
Miss B is at the age of loving to make things with me.

It has spurred me on.
Create more.
Be more hands on.
Kids grow too quickly.
Seize the day.


  1. Garland wrapped brown paper pressies. I might be able to manage that! Thanks for the good wishes for mum x

  2. These ideas are so pretty. Lyndon chuckles at how much we ladies love garlands but I think I might make one for Christmas :)

  3. I think they look great. My mum made me a heart garland made from old dictionary pages and sewn with red cotton. I love it.
    Cheers Kylie

  4. Hi Deb

    Oh yes - I am a garland girl and I think we need to garland more not just at birthdays

    love doing the crafts with children too - I agree with you

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, hereiamloulou blog


  5. I love making something for Christnas too, even if it is only little. This year I am customising my gift wrapping. Looking forward to seeing your creations Deb. xx

  6. Great inspiration. I love the garland around the presents and I love the one on the ceiling, but it looks more birthday than Christmas to me.

  7. Deb,

    These are so cute! I love garlands and banners and have often thought of making one although there are plenty to buy. Love handmade items, it's just that it has to be simple, I'm all thumbs!!


  8. I love these garlands! I have made some like the sewn circle ones in the past... You have got me thinking about a Chrissy version! I really like the ones on the canvas! X

  9. Hi Deb, loving the garlands and yes, I always do a little hand made. are the winner of my me and I will post your goodies. XOX

  10. Love the garlands. Very inspiring. KP


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