Thursday, November 24, 2011

Trip Nostalgia

I've been feeling a bit nostalgic for our trip we did last year.
I have been pouring over blogs such as THE LONG LAP AROUND and Fox's Lane.
Both are families doing a similar trip to ours.

So I am subjecting you sharing with you some
of the photos.

Cable beach Broome.
I was in love with Broome, I could have stayed a month.
We were the ultimate tourists, heading off to Cable beach each evening to see the wonderful sunsets and camels trekking along the beach.
see more here

Devils Marbles, Northern Territory

After a very wet time in Alice Springs we loved the warmth and eerie magic of this place.
more here

Monkey Mia was nothing like we expected.
The waters were calm and we enjoyed it.
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Shark nursery at Coral Bay.
I loved Coral bay the best of all the places we went to.
Don't worry about the sharks.
They are just reef sharks.
The place was so stunning I forgot to take many photos. I was too busy chilling out.

more here

Cape Range National Park
See us jumping for joy here

Kings Park Perth.
What a magical spot,
and in a city.

more here

That's just a little snippet.
Some of you were aboard the blog during the trip.
I can't tell you how much we appreciated your comments along the way.

Just like I appreciate your comments and input now.

image WallOut via Spulch


  1. Deep, deep sighs. I remember your trip. Your photos are breathtaking... no heart stopping. A-M xx

  2. Thank you A-M, I am sighing too. Especially when I look at the photos of the beaches, oh and the Kimberly and, and, and ....

  3. Your pictures are beautiful...I can see why you have so many good memories of this time. When I am feeling a little cooped up, I start doing some research on our next trip. It cheers me up and the time seems to fly!


  4. amazing pics - makes me wanna go :) le xox

  5. It was wonderful traveling with you via blog. So much more reliable than Qantas! I think you should do eastern Australia next :)

  6. Funny you should say that Kerry. I think the next big trip should be East Coast and maybe a minor one back across the Nullarbor to do South of Perth. I believe the Margaret River area is stunning.

  7. we were thinking of doing such a trip - but now the kidlettes are growing up too quick - and the opportunity has passed - at least for now.
    love your photos. to see them keeps the dream alive!
    cheryl xox.

  8. Those pics are stunning! You have created memories to be cherished forever, your children will grow up with the most wonderful understanding of our vast country, along with an appreciation you can't get get from books! Thanks for letting us tag along! X

  9. I love that so many of your favourite places are from over here in WA :) I hope to head up north to Coral Bay some day.


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