Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oh so pretty....

sources unknown, but if you do know,
please let me know so I can duly credit these clever people.

My newest obsession interest is pinterest.
I had resisted it for ages and I knew I would love it.

Well I do. 
There are so many pretty and clever pictures out there.

It's Melbourne Cup day today so we all get a day off.
I am still madly preparing for our garage sale or, as I prefer to call it.
Our Yearly Clearance!
Today I am going through the kitchen cupboards and ridding them of anything chipped, ugly or non functional. Ha, wish me luck!
The pressure is on because we are having it this coming weekend.

On another note, Miss B makes her debut performance in the chorus of her school musical tonight and the play runs for 3 nights. 
She is very excited, I am just hoping I can manage the exacting make up requirements for her.

Nail polish is strictly prohibited so that prevents me from trying out picture no. 1 on her.

PS, for the betting types. I hope your horse wins.


  1. Hey Deb I *get* your obsession! I've been pinning for a year and can never get enough ☺. Popping over to find you now. J x

  2. What's your Pinterest name, Deb? J x

  3. Oh pinning is my new obsession too....I am often torn between bloggy land or pinning land.....good luck with the clean out and for the musical - we have ours soon too - excitement plus! I know all the choir songs off by heart as i bet you do!

  4. How I would love those pink peacock feathers for my daughter.
    I was thinking of having a garage sale this weekend , mmmm maybe you have just inspired me to do it !!!
    Karyn x

  5. I hope nobody from your neighbourhood reads this then as they may not want anything chipped, ugly or nonfunctional..haha! I do hope someone will find a use for these things and buy them though..all the best.

  6. What stunning pictures, I feel calm and happy after looking at them! I want those nails!!! X

  7. Ha ha Carol. I hadn't thought about that!

  8. Hi Carol, Sadly I didn't back a winner!
    Love the post all pink & pretty. I have to stay away from pinterest I know I would get hooked & I waste enough on blogging as it is!!!

  9. Sorry Deb I'm going silly with the names - I have had too much sun today!

  10. I LOVE pinterest - I am truly obsessed too.
    Thanks for your comment today - would love to see a picture of your husband - shame I never had men doing it - great cause Movember.


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