Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I don't know about you.

But I am feeling a bit tired.
The Moerk technical term is "exhaustipated"
another very satisfying word.
Especially if you use a whiny tone.
Try it.

via pinterest

I am going to let myself be a bit tired for a day.

Then pop my party frock on and continue enjoying the party season.

Please Mr M, no snoring tonight.

Go on tell me how tired you are.
It will make you feel better.


  1. Hasn't caught up with me yet Deb, but it's just around the corner
    happy christmas to you and yours

  2. Thanks Sharon and Happy Christmas to you and yours as well. Thanks for your bloggy support over the year.

  3. Exhaustipated... that's going in my vocabulary right now! It's a perfect description of how I feel, but alas I'm not sure it made me feel all that much better. Made me smile though :)

  4. Fabulous photos Deb espec the doggy. I'm tired yes but still have to go whip up a batch of white Christmas for a do tomorrow. The things we do.

  5. Ha! It's only going to get busier, you know! I'd rest up if you can. xx

  6. Hahaha great photos! Yep, it's a pretty crazy time of the year. Hopefully we get to rest in the New Year

  7. Great word. Adding to the home vocab. A-M xx

  8. I got a second wind today Deb but I reckon it's short-lived. I've taken myself off to the Guest room this week, MOTH's snoring has got the entire village shoving pillows over their heads at the moment!!
    Millie x


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