Saturday, December 24, 2011

Quick Deco tour and Merry Christmas

Good morning. It's Christmas Eve morning and it is just me and the little guy up.
I can hear the corellas screeching down along the river and the gentle hum of the washing machine in the  laundry.

Time for a tour of our Christmas decorations I feel.

Now, photographers look away.
The camera battery is flat.
So they are dodgy ipod photos.

First you will ring the doorbell.

And, come on in.

through the hall.

Past my blackboard. My best ever organising tool!

I'll show you the tree.

And you will see my dietes are flowering again.

We'll check out the mantle.

And, say gidday to Santa.

You might humour me by taking a peak at our art gallery.

And the homegrown tree.

I'll pop the kettle on.

You can have the bean bag.

Or the couch.

Just be careful not to spill on my new cushions!

Have a fabulous Christmas!


  1. It all looks so very festive and lovely. (i'm with you on the blackboard front. I could not do anything without mine either.)
    Have a very merry merry Christmas!
    Amanda x

  2. Gorgeous tour and decos, thanks so much for sharing your festive home, Deb! Wishing you and your lovely family a very Merry Christmas ~ xx

  3. have a wonderful holiday season Deb - loved your twiggie star - v cute - le xox

  4. You've embraced Christmas with such gusto Deb. I hope you have a terrific day tomorrow!! xx

  5. Merry Christmas, the house is looking super festive & your Christmassy cushions look a treat. Have a wonderful time with your family. Love Posie

  6. I enjoyed my visit, thanks! Cheers to a merry Christmas and fun filled and fab new year! Hope Santa delivers some treats and surprises! x


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