Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I know it is cheesy.

But I had to do it.

My little valentines.

A string of crochet love.

Forget the chocolates and flowers.

Just a little string of handmade granny goodness.

Just to say,
 thank you,
I appreciate your visits and your thoughts.
Have a spectacular day.
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  1. So sweet! I hope you have a lovely day too x

    1. Thank you Sarah B, hope your day is lovely too.

  2. Beautiful Deb!! We both forgot valentines day until i saw the date on my phone at about 10!! oops!

  3. That crochet heart garland is gorgeous! I looks perfect on your shelf! Happy Valentines Day! X

  4. These are beautiful. The red and pink together. The delicate crochet work. The cheery string of them along the kitchen cabinet. It just made me smile! Janelle


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