Monday, February 6, 2012

Preparing for our new arrivals and Sunday stuff.

We are extremely clucky over here at Camp Moerk. We have recently decided to take the plunge and add to our family.

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Before you go thinking, surely she's a bit long in the tooth for babies.

We are getting some chooks.


We have had silky bantams before. Click here to read more about lovely Delores and beautiful old dog Bramble sharing a bone.

We have been thinking about chooks for a while and wanted to wait until Lulu was a bit more mature before taking action.

Last time we had a movable home for them, but this time we want some serious egg layers as well as pretty bantams.

So today Big Boy and Mr M started the dirty job of clearing out the compost and utility area. ( The messy spot hidden behind a little fence).

They decided to start by making a clean entry and using up some of the old bricks stacked behind the fence.

I have been doing extensive internet research on nesting boxes and optimum numbers of chooks per box etc.
I think between you and me, my research hasn't been well received by the workers.

This is Delores on the old nesting box.
I had forgotten about the shredded paper.

They uncovered the daddy of all scary redback spiders. I wish I had grabbed the camera!

Doesn't that look better!

At least we should be able get into the gate.

I call Mr M the "human bobcat". He loves paving, It always comes out as he plans.

That's phase one down.

I'll let you know what happens next!

In other Sunday news.

I washed and ironed, covered books, checked lunchboxes and did all the preparations for our full on return to work and school this week.

Made a healthy slice if you don't count the raw sugar.

Used my superior cooking skills to pour jelly into a mould.

I have had the tupperware mould for ever and have never used it!

Will it come out, just like in the little brochures?

And spent more time than was probably warranted, lamenting the loss of our lush green grass.
Wind and heat and lack of rain have taken their toll.

I hope your week gets off to a superb start.


  1. It must be fun {and a lot of work} to raise chickens! I would if I could, though! It's frowned upon in the city!

    Is the summer vacation for your kids over? I get mixed up with your summers happening when we are in the middle of winter. The Jello looks delicious!


    1. Hi Jane, yes our summer vacation is over. Reality hit today and we were all back at work and school.

  2. How great! I look forward to hearing all about your adventures. Do you know Mrs Bok and the Bok Flock blog? She is very much into her chookies.
    I don't think Molly would ever cope with sharing her backyard with some chooks :)

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I have not heard of Mrs Bok but I will look her up.

  3. Have fun rearing your chookies Deb. For sure there is nothing nicer than a fresh egg.
    We used to run chooks at our old place years ago and our border collie loved rounding up the girls. Created lots of squawking I can tell you.

    1. Yes Annie I am excited at the thought of fresh eggs. I hope poor Lulu copes with it all.

  4. Love the chookies - they look so cute :) Good luck with the project sweets,

  5. Gosh the paving makes all the difference doesn't it! And I have no lawn at all any more :( I am going to change over my small front yard to pebbles. Your chook plans sound great fun!

  6. Oh geez Deb, I chucked my old Tupperware jelly mould out in a fit of pique on our last move, now I'm really kicking myself! We will be carefully noting every chookie post here as that's MOTH's next project. We have a fox who lives in our lane which is a worry, maybe our puppy Lulu will defend the chookies down on our Tennis Court, or maybe she won't!
    Millie xx

    1. Millie, the mould worked! The jelly sort of went 'splop" and then sagged, but on the whole, the kids were very impressed! Tell MOTH to stand by for more chookie action.

  7. How great to have some chooks and lovely fresh eggs - nothing like free range eggs, especially the yellower than yellow yolks. Love the jelly mould - you'll have to share a pic of it tipped out :) Delicious looking slice too. Have a great start to your week x

    1. Darn, I should have taken a photo. At 39 cents a packet, and I used two, I will be sure to make it again soon. Maybe lime next time.

  8. Looks like you are set for the week my friend. Plus what fun...I have always wanted a few chicken girls around. Lucky!
    Keep us posted on them! Those lunchbox snacks look amazing..wish I had one right now with my morning tea. Happy new week to you. xoxoxo

    1. Thanks Koralee, it is only Tuesday and we are past halfway through the slice. I thought it might last longer. Darn it.


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