Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Photo....Devils marbles

I love this picture, you can see way off into the distance.
I took it at the Devils Marbles in the Northern Territory.
We camped there after a very wet stay in Alice Springs back in 2009.

I was amazed with all the greenery.
I thought the centre of Australia would be dry and arid.
NOT when we went.

The Devils Marbles have an Indigenous name Karlu Karlu and it is a very important sacred site.

They are bathed in golden light and have an air of mysticism.

To see more photos of the devils marbles and to read my thoughts about them on our big trip through the centre of Australia and around the West Coast.
click here.


  1. That is a great picutre, love the light. I haven't been myself but would love to go. Gx

  2. It's a beautiful photo Deb of a place I've not been lucky enough to visit. Very special :)

  3. Oh I love this is do pretty there. I have never been to that area of Australia. We only stayed around the Gold time.
    Thank you for your sweet comments that you left me on my blog. xoxoxo Happy weekend.

    Oh and I adore the wallpaper in your previous post!!! Pure heaven.


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