Friday, March 9, 2012

Guest Post:Decorating Modern with Granny's Furniture

Good day everyone. 
If you visit Let's go Moerkabout every now and then you might know I have a fondness for bringing out my "inner granny". 
Well today, the lovely Kelli from Luxeyard is going to share with us some of her tips for decorating with Granny's furniture. I would love to hear if you have inherited or repurposed some Granny furniture.

All things old are new again!  What’s more wonderful than having furniture that one remembers from their childhood?  Pieces may be re-purposed or may be so great to begin with that they are timeless and useful as is.  Here are some tips to create a warm and comfy home full of fond and beautiful memories.

Eclectic Is Always In

Many styles return after a time or never really go out of fashion.  Today’s eclectic styles can be a mixture of old and new.                                           

Sitting right next to that sleek new couch could be an antique side table in a rich wood tone or covered in a fresh coat of paint, depending on what look you are going for – shabby chic or more traditional.


Just because you already have a dining table or matching end tables, doesn’t mean you can’t make use of pieces that are from your family’s past.  Many people today work from home and need an office within their living space.  A good option for your computer might be a roll-top desk or Grandma’s old kitchen table. You could even add old tins to hold pens and pencils.  A single Dining Room chair may look lovely in a corner with a side table or at your desk. Add a cushion for comfort and/or color, if desired.  How about using that Hope Chest as a coffee table or at the end of your bed for extra linens?   Stacking old luggage may also be used as an end table.  Who doesn’t need more storage?  Be creative.  Think beyond the “box” or table, as it may be!

Reupholster or Not Reupholster?

Some of Grandma’s upholstered pieces may be worn out or not to your liking.  Furniture can appear updated by a simple fabric change.  While this can be an expensive option, fitted furniture covers work well or sometimes just arranging a throw over the piece can make it fit into the room better.  That doesn’t mean you use some old unwanted blanket, however!  A lightweight throw or a quilt with pleasant colors that match the rest of your d├ęcor will work well.

Final Touches

Now, what do you do with those little items?  Antique cigar or jewelry boxes make great remote holders and small china bowls work well as soap dishes.  Treasured heirloom knick-knacks used either in groups or as a single piece may be mixed in with your current items and will add to the warmth of your home.  The possibilities are endless!

Anything goes these days so decorate with what makes you feel comfortable.  Remember, it’s your home!

Kelli McDonald is a hard working writer for many blogs about interior design and home furnishing. She also works with LuxeYard on changing the way people approach home furniture shopping.


  1. Hi Deb. My home is my castle, my decorating style is from my heart, I guess you would say it's eclectic. I love colour as much as I love black and white. My style at present is very relaxed as I am waiting for the big reno to start, when it's all complete I guess I'll have to get serious as the next time I decorate it will be for a while.

  2. How exciting waiting for a renovation. I love the planning and dreaming of things to come. Deb

  3. Love those bright bold colours! That furniture is awesome, I adore seeing older pieces being revamped and used again! x

  4. If 'eclectic' or 'interesting' ever goes OUT, then I'm toast. The whole family shall have to suffer in silent 'outness' until eclectic-interesting comes back IN.


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