Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Do you need a Girly fix?

With a house of 3 boys and only 2 girls, I can be excused for needing a girly fix now and then.
A bit of time on Pinterest, 
away from footy boots and basketball socks
is very refreshing.

If I had long hair, 
I would be doing this.

Eating girly food out of these lovely bowls.

I probably wouldn't leave the house in these.
Imagine the look on my boys faces.

I will ask my daughter to read this.
And hope she gets it.

What to you do when you feel like a girly fix?


  1. Oh, I saw the title of your blog and let out a sigh of relief! My house, 4 boys & me. YES I do need a girly fix - and more often than not now. My boys gave me a wind up jewellery box with a girly smurf inside for Christmas (it is tacky, but I love it) and I put it on when I am getting dressed to give me that sense of femininity, allowing me that moment. I find myself drawn more & more to skirts & frocks than I used to. Now dreaming of a pink bathroom. x Meg

  2. Miss Deb

    I think I love (LOVE) each and every photo - I love your style girlfriend. (how amazing are those bowls?)



  3. Hi if I had the legs I love to parade around in those lacey shorts, they are divine. By the way I am following our blog. Roberta


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