Monday, March 5, 2012

Do you wonder about your colour scheme?

Do you sometimes come across blogs that just make you swoon?
I felt like that when I found this one.
It is called Where your heart is.

I stumbled across it when I was looking around on pinterest

Boy is that a time gobbler.

I was looking for pictures of crochet poufs. To show you what I might do with my great market find.

These pictures are so pretty and the light is lovely.

I look around my house and see way too much brown and dark timber.
The light doesn't seem to bounce around.

I embrace neutrals, but some days I do wonder how things would look with such a white backdrop.

I love the pops of pastels and the odd splash of red.

all pictures where your heart is

Then I remember boots covered in mud and chicken poo, shaggy scruffy dog and little boys with dirty knees and I think maybe I can live a little longer with the neutrals.

Although, it is nice to dream and to have lovely blog homes to visit.

Do you do that, do you find yourself questioning your colour decisions, or is it just me?


  1. Absolutely! I often read through other blogs or magazines and catch my breath at how gorgeous some homes are...then the reality check comes in - we have to live in the house! I can take inspiration though. Even though too much pastel isn't my thing I still like these images, they look very fresh and pretty. Raining and grey in Brisbane this morning so they've brought some sunshine to my morning! x

  2. I think sometimes we want the whole picture, but there is nothing wrong with taking bits and pieces! Love the pastel pillows on the bed, a nice touch of color, and then the brighter reds here and there. White is practical for the very few. I think I have finally accepted that! ;-D

    Have a wonderful week!


  3. It is nice to visit, then come back to reality.

  4. I do question my colour decisions sometimes. I would love to have lots of white and pastels in my living room like these photos, unfortunately I have a beautiful Persian rug that was my grandmothers and is primarily dark blue and red. I have had it for 25 years, am sick of it, and how it dictates what I can use in the room, but it's such a beautiful rug I can't give it up. It's too big to put in any other room!

  5. Lovely to see something from Pinterest that's not staged to within an inch of it's life Deb. As you know I have NO pink in my life & I'm all the poorer for it. If this first grandbaby arrives in July wearing pink booties, I'll be in Heaven, fingers crossed. We've had 19 consecutive male babies born in the family, time the drought broke.
    Millie xx

  6. ha - I drool over other peoples decor all the time & inevitably question what's going on in my oan house. but then I also realise that I haven't the time or the money to do a complete do-over - so I plod along making changes here and there and hope that I'm not making a complete botch of it all in the process!!
    C xx

  7. I suspect I am a 'grass is greener' type of home decorator... I love what other people do... I ADORE those images. They are GORGEOUS... I have embraced neutrals and pales here in my new house but see bright pops of colour and my mind starts to question my choices....

  8. Our house is all white inside and I love it!! We have kids, dog, tradie husband...the usual messes! Thank goodness for the wash and wear paint, that helps!
    In the end, I think a home is to be lived can't look pristine all the time. You gotta be happy, might as well have what you want!
    And BTW as someone who changes things around inside a lot, I have not yet wanted to change the white walls. I still love it!!

  9. Looking for ways to get rid of too much dark furniture. I like the yellow cabinet. Nice, very nice. xo Jenny

  10. I've only just joined Pinterest last week and am definitely finding it addictive. That home above is gorgeous and light filled - I'd love our home to be a bit more like that too :)

  11. I really like the look of the home above, but realistically I live with a blokey bloke and I don't think I should make things too sweet looking, if you know what I mean. Plus, there'd be obvious paw prints all over everything. I'd love a white floor but just not practical!!

  12. Our walls are painted white throughout Deb and I love it to death. The light reflects brilliantly and gives the whole house a pure vibrancy.
    Hmm..Pinterest. I don't know how you gals fit it all in! Just blogging and twitter keep me out of mischief.


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