Friday, March 2, 2012

Pouf.... market find...

I scored this old pouf on the weekend from the market for $4.
Actually Mr M. spotted it.
He knew I had been looking for one.
Big boy did the bargaining for me.
Team work is good!

I am planning to do something like 

via flickr whereyourheart is

Or this.

as art up via with love linda

When I saw this one.
I peeked inside and was pleasantly surprised.

Further investigation revealed colours I can definitely live with.

It is a little worn in one patch.
I think we will live with it like this for now and when it wears through I will put the calico liner back on and then make a new cover.

It fits in nicely with my shabby patchwork throw rug.

And is even passable on the rug!

Our burly blokey neighbour said it was "very retro and he didn't mind it".

A fine endorsement.
I tend to agree with him.


  1. What a great find for $4! It does fit in well too, though I have to say, how adorable are those crocheted ones? Especially when you place a bunny on top :)

  2. Brilliant! Can't wait for you to do the crochet cover :)

  3. Oh i love it! good spotting Mr M !!!

  4. don't change it at all!! i love the patchy look of it.
    great find Mr!

  5. Oh, my grandparents used to have one of these!!! I always wished they'd hung onto it, love it just as it is!!
    Awesome find...i'm jealous!!

  6. hi deb

    oh I remember those so well.

    A lovely find and a new member of the family :)

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, hereiamloulou blog 


  7. What a brilliant find! I adore the crocheted covers but that one is going to be hard to cover up! X

  8. Hey great find with an extra surprise!

  9. It was really a bargain!!!
    I loved that one with the little rabit on it, amazing!
    Have a nice week!!!
    From the other side of the ocean.....


  10. Wow, wow, wow and WOW. That is is truly a super bargain. I am salivating at the possibilities!
    Have a super week

  11. Well Hello, I have just found your blog. Man! do I love the pouf? (such a funny little word) I love the retro colours and what a bargain. I think it looks just perfect the way it is, but what the heck you could always crochet a cover for it later. I hope you pop over to my blog and ay hello. Robertax

  12. Excellent as is. And will be so cute with some crochet magic to mix it up a bit. very cool. xx


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