Monday, March 26, 2012

Too many eggs in basket?

To be frank, it was a rather brutal day here in Moerkland yesterday.
Sundays often are.
There's the cleaning, the organising for the week ahead,
the paper to read and the dreaded Sunday grocery shop.

I don't generally mind shopping, most days of the week.
But, the Sunday shop, I resent.
I always feel it is eating into other time.
Time I could be snoozing, or crocheting or sewing or painting something with white paint.

So when Miss B found a pattern in the latest Spotlight magazine and wanted to make some material eggs, 
I agreed thinking, yep, some quality time early in the day might buy some peace later on.
(I know it's all about me, it is my blog after all!)

Then the boys, bless them, wanted to join in and make pillows and fake stomachs ( 8 year old is doing a digestive system project).

I sighed and huffed and puffed and helped between doing some packing for Easter camping.
Very ungracious of me.

Somehow despite all the pressures.
The eggs turned out ok.
Miss B was happy, the boys were happy.
And, I got my alone time,
Ironing in the lounge room all by myself.
Non stop glamour round here!

Edited note.
I just re read this and already feel so much better. 
Got it off my chest.


  1. If you have no idea about sewing BUT can cut along a line & sew a basic stitch, can you make these eggs? I'm sure my Big Girl would love to do this but I'm absolutely crapola at "real" sewing.

    1. It is barely sewing, so simple. If you have access to a Spotlight, pick up their free Get Creative magazine, the template is in there. The hardest part was hand sewing the opening where the stuffing went in.

  2. I feel your pain !! shopping for groceries on a sunday - double yuk !! those eggs are fab - well done to all involved best le xox

    1. Thank Le it was fun (she says through gritted teeth).

  3. Hi, those craft eggs are gorgeous! Thanks for commenting on my blog, Katrina is brilliant, she is fantastic. Thanks also for following me! PPE :-)

    1. My pleasure, I look forward to seeing lots of yummies on your blog.

  4. Great eggs! I dont mind the Sunday shop my pet hate is being away for the weekend and net getting enough time to get ready for the week (which happens to us a lot). xx

    1. I hate that too! I like to have a plan and be organised for the week. Otherwise it feels like I am playing catch up for days.

  5. I understand busy weekends only too well as well as also wanting a little escape time! Those eggs turned out beautifully, love them! Happy week! X

  6. Thanks Tiff, Miss B was happy with them. I still love your painted drawers better though! deb

  7. Sometimes the best therapy is to just stop and do a task that you enjoy. Always hard for busy mums to achieve though.
    These fabric eggs are so cute.


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