Friday, March 23, 2012

2 favourite spots in my garden.

Some times when I collect the mail my breath catches in my throat at the sight of our garden. I know that is a little vain to say, but, it makes me feel happy to see the garden we painstakingly created growing.
After 12 years of drought, it is a wonder anything survived.
It has been so satisfying to see greenery around the place again, even if some of that green happens to be weed green!
I love seeing the brick path we laid curving up the gentle rise.
When the light is right I barely notice the weeds and the cricket stumps!
This leads me to my other favourite spot.

Sitting on the verandah, watching the kids shoot baskets or play cricket sipping on a cup of tea.
I am thinking of painting this setting the same colour as the window trims. Chalk USA, a creamy warm white. I know it is crazy as they will show all the dust, but, just imagine how good they will look when they get weathered and chippy.

Do you have favourite spots?  Care to share?


  1. Hey Deb,
    Love your verandah and table setting. I don't have my favourite place in the garden yet - it's still a work in progress.
    When it is finished the garden around the edge of the backyard with covered in barkchips and full of flowering shrubs; the lawn will be green and lush; there will be a day bed under the shade cloth area; and my cleaned up table and chairs.
    Maybe I'll have to get some tips from you!
    Cheers, Caylie

  2. This looks like the perfect place to relax and if you want to paint it...follow your heart's desire! It will look great!


  3. Looks very inviting Deb!! I wish we had a garden to gaze at, we've only recently gotten lawn so that's pretty exciting! I often go out and lie on it...just because I can!!
    Then I go back and lie on the daybed of course;)

  4. Just lovely Deb! I just adore a brick path! Hanging out in the garden is such a peacful thing to do, so long as you can dodge the cricket balls! x

  5. Love your brick path and I can imagine how nice it must be to sit at your cute setting and sip a cuppa. Our little table and chairs under the shade is my favourite spot to sit and watch Grace play too :)

  6. The table and chairs will look great painted! Looking forward to the pictures when your finished.

  7. I say paint it! Your garden and house are beautiful. I really love the colour of the house. What I would give to have a weatherboard home! Rachael xx


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