Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Can you work out this renovation?

There is an interesting renovation going on down the road from us.

A young family are adding a front extension.

Word on the street is that it is a bedroom and ensuite.

I can't quite figure it out.

They have put on a new tin roof and now there is this high front framework.

I think it is going to be interesting.
What do you think they are doing?

Would you like me to keep you posted on the progress?


  1. It would be nice to raise that front like it appears they are doing and also the roof line to give it some character. I love seeing new additions and how they completely transform the

  2. Perhaps they are turning their house into a place of worship!

  3. The mind boggles...Love seeing what other people do to their houses. You have to keep us posted! xx

  4. Very interesting, maybe they are replicating the shape of the roof at the back bit in a higher fashion.

    Watch with interest and let is know.

    Lou ; )

  5. Auto key ... Oops

    Let us know !


  6. Interesting! Be sure to let us know.

    TDM xx

  7. It might be one of those modern concrete feature thingys? First I thought they might be doing a skillion roof which is all the rage up here in Qld.... knock down a traditional, character home and put up a box with a skillion.... welcome to Brisbane. Interesting to see how it pans out! A-M xx

    1. I'm with you A-M. I immediately thought "modernising" with one of those concrete slab fronts.
      Deb, you crack me up! I'd been watching and wondering too.

  8. is it an old fashioned fake facade ... who knows :) le xox

  9. It does look interesting Deb, I would love to see how it progresses. xx

  10. Hi Deb, Looks interesting & I am confused. I can't work it out. Love it see it complete. KP


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