Monday, May 28, 2012

Inundation at Lake Albert

Gee, when I posted my last post about our camping at Lake Albert I thought I would be back to finish off the tale sooner than a whole week.

Here we are making friendship bracelets by the water.
I must post a tutorial about them soon.
They are quick and easy and very pretty.

Speaking of pretty.
Check out the sunset.
The arch is made by our shade structure.
It frames the view beautifully.

See the cloud?
Did we take much notice?
or did we have another glass of wine with our friends and sit around enjoying the firepit?

Of course we just relaxed.

Well, the next morning, 
the wind whipped up.
I mean really whipped up.
We did what good campers do and tied all the ropes down, secured the campers, tucked away chairs and tables etc.

Unfortunately we were too late in taking down the shade cover.
An almighty gust of wind ripped this baby to shreds.
All we could do was dismantle it and bin it!

With the camp secured. We decided to go off adventuring.
Then, at the last minute,
the men folk decided to pop into town to the shops.

Within minutes of them leaving the waves on the lake began to get bigger and bigger. 
We made an imaginary mark on the bank and decided not to panic until the waves reached it.

Before we knew it the waves were coming right up to our camper trailers.

I tried to fend them off with a broom,
My friend started to dig a trench,
All to no avail.
What were we thinking? Trying to fend off a ginormous lake with a broom and a shovel.

We decided the only course of action was to pack up our campers so the water would not go under the floors. 

Two women, two girls and three smallish boys, ferocious winds and  a lot of stuff to pack up quickly. It was so stressful.
we ended up evacuating the boys to the car and sending the girls to get help. 
We were just throwing stuff in tubs and packing as fast as we can,
my heart was going a zillion beats per minute.

Thankfully a whole host of people arrived to help.
I remember one man running in, taking a look and running out.
"I just have to change my shoes" he said.
Bugger the shoes I thought, just take them off.

Eventually the campers were ready to fold, just as our hubbies returned and they were safely folded.

We packed up in the howling wind and vowed never to camp to close to the waters edge again.
Lesson learned!

The temperature dropped about 20 degrees, 
the winds were horrendous and there was no way we were staying at that place.
So, we packed up and headed to a friends block in the beautiful town of Beachport.

I guess, there was no harm done, we lost the shade structure and our toilet tent and received a crushing blow to our camping egos.



  1. What an adventure, although I loved reading every word of it. Courageous campers you are! Your sunset photos are beautiful. Despite Mother Nature, you chose a wonderful place to stay!


  2. Well that sure tested you out!! Scary stuff!!! I'm glad everyone was ok in the end :)

  3. You have taken some amazing photos! Pity about the weather blowing up!

  4. Beautiful shot of the sunset dinner!

  5. Wow, what a story! Your photos are amazing but boy did the weather change quickly, how scary!
    Have a great week Debxx

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. The photos you took before the dramas Deb are great. Weather is such a variable when camping.
    Good on the menfolk hey, what woeful timing to go to the shops lol. It's cold comfort but imagine if this happened in the middle of the night!

  8. Close call!! Beautiful sunset!M amazing capture!!!! That us one to print and frame xox

  9. Gosh, what a story! Scarey stuff. One respects Mother Nature and her water once exposed I guess! Beautiful and gorgeous photographs! Your stories about this trip really make me want to go there! Mx


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