Thursday, June 7, 2012

Unexpected bonus and colds.

Hi, we have an unexpected bonus today. A day off for all three children due to a Teachers strike. So we have slept in, eaten crumpets dripping with honey and the kids have been indulging in extra chocolaty hot chocolates.

It suits me fine.  I have a filthy cold and being snuggled up at home is just where I want to be.

What is your stand on colds?  My work involves visiting people in their own homes, I hate it when I visit and they are crook. I am sure they wouldn't like it when I spread my germs around.  If it is a bad cold, I stay away unless they really insist I come.  When my kids were little our Mums group had the unsaid rule, if the snot is green stay home.

Some people are funny about illness. I know I am rather paranoid about gastro. If someone in our family is sick, we stay away and we don't have visitors.  I would never send my kids back to school before 48 clear hours have passed.
When I was teaching, the words I hated to hear were "he vomited all night, but, he really wanted to come". Really?

Well, that's my little rant. I do hope the teachers gain more pay, they deserve it. I can't think of a job more important than teaching the next generation.

I am going to drink lots of water, down some vitamin C and stay away from everyone!

PS for some really happy news. Go visit Katrina from the block. This awesome girl has won herself a trip to New York and has been named Kidspot top 50 Blogger.


  1. I am not too worried about being around people who know how to discreetly blow their nose but coughing and spluttering makes me want to run as far away as I can. As for gastro, we stay well away from everyone. It is one thing to share a head cold but spreading gastro is just plain mean!

  2. Oh you poor thing Deb, resting and keeping your fluids up sounds like a great idea. I agree with staying home if you are sick. I used to hate the martyrs at work who would come in and struggle through whilst making everyone else sick. Just stay home and get better, you are not productive anyway when you are unwell. Hope you get better soon. xx

  3. Oh dear - I do love the last picture with the toilet roll!

  4. I totally agree with you about Gastro. so contagious! droplets in air are contagious etc aren't they? That hot chocolate looks divine! (I am diet and hungry, can't you tell!) Mx

  5. We've had on off colds here for the past month with my two girls - has felt never ending!! Like the green snot rule. I'm a real germaphobe and don't take my kids visiting or out and about when they're sick as I'd hate to think I'd passed something on to something. As for gastro, I'm super paranoid about that one. If I hear someone's been unwell in that way, I stay well clear for a while. I often wonder why other parents aren't so considerate about not spreading illness. And yes, when teaching, children often came to school unwell which drove me crazy!! Hope you are all well again in your household now x


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