Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Two chicks and an empty ute.

 A friend and I were recently granted leave passes from our families for a weekend of shopping in Melbourne.
This is a big ask really as weekends are pretty top heavy with sporting commitments at the moment.

Miss B was most unimpressed. She kept asking me "why did I have to go",

I explained it was a bit like school camp for Mums.
I said 'remember how you love going on school camp, to be with your friends and have fun doing things you enjoy. I probably wouldn't enjoy it.
Well a shopping trip is the same. I will have fun shopping, and doing things you probably would be bored doing." It was like a light bulb moment for her. She got it! Yay!

This was our major destination.

It was like a military operation.
we had lists, plans, timetable, the works.
We did a reccy on the Saturday, then a concentrated assault on the Sunday.

We limited our shopping to only home wares.
Clothing would have confused us and there wasn't time for idle browsing.

I fell in love with the red pendant light. But didn't buy it.

I did buy the kitchen trolley.
I have the perfect spot for it.
(or I will when I move a few things around ;)

Just to prove us country chicks know how to shop.
Here is the ute all loaded up.

We threw in dinner and a movie and a huge breakfast.
We both maxed out the credit card
and had lots of laughs. 
I am still putting everything away.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend and love your explanation to your daughter, will have to remember that next time as mine gets upset every time I go away. I too love that kitchen trolley and have been thinking about getting one for a while. I have a list for IKEA just have to find time to get there and focus. I know I am lucky though having it a 20 minute drive away! Looks like you did well there. Gx

    1. Even though you are nearby to an Ikea. I would imagine it would still take planning. It is not really somewhere you pop into. I get so overwhelmed in there the list helps.

  2. You lucky thing Deb, what a great weekend, handing out with your friend and shopping at Ikea with a ute!!! xx

  3. What a fun weekend! I love Ikea so much and I'm lucky to get there once a year, if that, so I understand your excitement. I love the look of the kitchen trolley. You did well :)

  4. I'm a bit green now Deb!! Cant wait to hit Melbourne for a shopping trip...one day!! I think I'm still paying for the last one :)

  5. Sounds lovely but what I really want to know about is the webbing on the back of your ute!!!! Is it secure? Can you lock it on? can I get one for a Holden ute? !!!!!

  6. This reminded me of when I lived in isolation - nearest shop was 2.5 hours drive on a gravel road. Wish I had a ute back then. My shopping trips would have been so much more productive.

  7. Good on you girls, way to go! Am most impressed with the way you tied down the load.
    Enjoy the goodies.

  8. That sounds like fun - and what a blessing it is to have a ute, I don't know how I would survive without my 'pickup' (now that I live in the Evil Empire, I have to use their terms).

  9. Can't wait to see what you bought! Sounds like the perfect way to spend time!!!! X

  10. I love this - school camp for mums!! Brilliant!! Love Posie

  11. Oh what fun!! LOVE that trolley - such a nice design and will be so practical. I like the butterfly artwork in the background of that shot too. Glad you had such a fun girls' 'shopping camp' :)


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