Monday, October 1, 2012


If the weather clears up some time soon we might head back to our friends farm to camp for a couple of nights.

The air out there is crisp and clear.

The sky feels bigger.

And the light glows on dusk.


We were out there on Saturday to watch the AFL grand final.
Sadly Hawthorn lost.
After the game, a few of us took a stroll down the drive to catch the last bit of sunlight.
And walk off the footy snacks.

I have been compiling my camping shopping list.
marshmallows, hot chocolate, spuds in foil, hot water bottles.

balloons and glow sticks.

I have been itching to try this idea 
ever since spotting it on Pinterest.
Perfect for lighting the way to the outdoor amenities!


  1. Beautiful pics! I hope you get to do it again!


  2. This looks so lovely!

    I was chatting to a friend about what it's like over there and she said. "It's like England, only warmer!" I'm now desperate to come over!!! So jealous!!


    1. I would say it's a bit more spaced out distance wise than England! Definitely warmer and no where near as quaint. What a journey that would be to bring your tribe over. You must do it one day. Deb

  3. That baloon idea is a great one! I love the textures in the tree and I agree, thereis something special about getting away from the city. The sky is more beautiful, day and at night xx

    1. We tried the balloons, they certainly did not glow quite as brightly as the ones in the photo.

  4. Glowing balloons..what fun! Isn't it lovely to feel a little more warmth at the close of the day and see that golden glow extend the day a little longer too.

    1. A bit of fun and colour after a hard days camping!

  5. That looks like such a lovely place - what fun it must be to camp there. The photo of the yellow field and cloudy sky about is stunning! x


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