Sunday, September 30, 2012

Venturing out

Unless we are going on a big trip my kids tend to want to stay around home during the school holidays.

So with much grumbling and groaning on the boys behalf I pretty much forced the family out of the house last week in a desperate effort to stop myself going crazy.

It's not that I don't like the school holidays, I love them.

It is just Mr M  has spent nearly every minute of  the time either in the shed working on Key balls or on the computer checking his etsy shop.

And I have been cleaning out cupboards and decluttering.

Why is there always so much to clear out?

A trip was in order.
To get out and about and see some pretty things.

Like the conservatory at the Daylesford Convent Gallery.

The pretty spring garden.

and the divine stained glass windows.

Once we were home again.
I was able to be quite productive and got into a bit of sewing.

If you are in school holidays, what have you been doing to keep yourself sane?


  1. It's hard to keep kids attentive and busy in their down time. I hope they enjoyed their time getting out and about! I sure enjoyed your pictures...beautiful!

    SO strange that we are getting ready for cold and snow and you are opposite! It makes for a very interesting world!

    Happy Weekend!


  2. I'm bordering on going stir crazy even though our two have just had five nights away!! I think a day trip is definitely in order this week, for my sanity ;)

  3. There are some days where you just have to leave the house and spread your wings a gives you a better perspective. It looks like you visited some sweet places!

  4. Those gardens are just beautiful. I love a bit of a 'secret garden' feel. It is so easy to do the same old thing so going for a bit of an outing can be a lot of fun. xx

  5. Bike track, beach weekend, trip to Adelaide, now for some time at home. I love the holidays too, so nice to have my boys around. x


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