Monday, November 12, 2012

The one where he tries to melt the kitchen

I came home from squash the other night ( and yes, thanks for asking I did have a win and so far all body parts are still functioning).

To find a lovely candlelit glow emanating from the kitchen.

Mr M had made a hanging key ball. (not sure about the chain, but that's probably another discussion)

There were two of these dangling beautifully casting lovely shadows against the kitchen tiles along with the smell of hot plastic.

So picture the scene,
Hubby relaxing by the tv, wife walks in,
drops squash gear says, referring to the key balls, "they are pretty"
quickly followed by
"shit, they are melting the cupboard @#$@&%

Hubby leaps up in disbelief followed by shock.
grabs the sticky tape, blows out the candle and proceeds to tape up the offending melted plastic.

Wife heads to the shower and goes to bed.

The next day hubby quietly peels off the sticky tape to reveal the damage.

If you didn't know it was there,
you wouldn't know.

Problem is,
I know it's there.
Better sell lots of balls Mr M,
I may need a new kitchen soon!


  1. The key balls look awesome! Shame about the cupboard though. x

  2. Oh no! Lucky you walked in when you did...can you imagine if it had ignited! Yikes. They look great though... xx

  3. They look lovely! I have burnt a hutch the same way!

  4. It looks fab, but a burning kitchen is not such a good look. Lucky you arrived home when you did - it might have been a real disaster!

  5. They just look so lovely but yes lucky the damage was not worse. How about Hubby uses little led switch lights out of $2.50 paper lanterns.......any excuse for a new kitchen though!

  6. Do you think the whole bending key thing with hot flames has frizzled his brain? I'm sure he was just so proud of his latest invention that he didn't even spare a thought for the plastic coated cupboards! It is a pretty gorgeous invention..though I don't know what he'll do about the way heat transfers through metal, physics type problem.

  7. Oooops, that was fortunate that you came home when you did. The key ball looks lovely though with that soft glow. xx

  8. Hi, why is always dangerous to leave men unattended, even when they're trying to help? least the kitchen didn't burn to the ground.....maybe take him to squash with you next time and teach him a lesson hehe...havea great day xo

  9. That is kind of funny, it is me in our house that does silly things like that, nice to see a man having a turn.
    Cute key balls


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