Monday, November 19, 2012

Kitchen dissillusion

We went out to dinner the other night.  Had a great night BUT we were sitting next to a lovely man who was a cabinet maker specializing in kitchens.

I held back as long as I could.  Waited until he had had sufficient quantities of red wine.

Then started peppering him with questions.

What sort of bench tops does he think last the best? (composite)

What his opinion on undermounted sinks? (not good, haven for germs)

Were my vinyl wrap cupboards a poor choice 13 years ago? (duh of course)

So many of my plans for my next kitchen were shattered.

I think a second opinion might be in order.

In the meantime this one via BHG is lovely eye candy.

Have you ever made a poor kitchen decision?


  1. The kitchen cabinetry in our rental apartment is made from a combination of 2-pac paint and timber veneer - both of which are showing signs of wear and tear after only 1 year's usage. Definitely not to be used in conjunction with kids, and we are not using either product in our own house. If you're going to spend hard earned $$, you want something that will last the distance. xx

  2. yes. not going with ground quartz (silestone) counter tops and going white appliances instead of stainless. But, my kitchen was so ugly that I am loving the new(ish) one even though I would change those two things if I had the opportunity to turn back time :>)

  3. Oh no, the ugly truth! If there were anything I could change about my kitchen, it is the pine cabinets that we simply varnished and hung. They have that orangey look to them. My hubby is totally against painting good wood so they will remain this way.


  4. Oh bummer! I haven't made any poor decisions yet, as this is our first house, but we are planning our kitchen reno next year so I'm sure I'm about to make a swag of bad decisions ;)
    Cas x

  5. I'm fine with our kitchen cabinetry but chose a Fisher & Paykel fridge that keeps having fan problems, dish drawers that have given up working too and just recently our hot plates decided they didn't want to turn off..even though the knob was. I'm obviously not a good appliance chooser! Gorgeous kitchen in the pics.

  6. I will always have flush door panels on my kitchen cupboards in the future. So much easier to keep clean!

  7. Oh my goodness Deb, my kitchen's so new, and I'm still totally in love with it. I'm hoping all the decisions were good ones! Although according to your kitchen guru maybe not - I went for stainless steel for all my bench tops.(And I'm happy!) xx

  8. Oh Deb don't you love it when someone comes along and shatters your dreams lol.....always a man too it seems when it comes to these things....we're renting do don't have much of a choice really....though I wish I was able to put some shelves up as there just isn't enough cupboard space and we have a tiny single pantry which means I can't to my big stock up shops I used to do and our oven is so slow to heat up that I recently invested in an electric frying pan so I could get dinner cooked in a reasonable time frame....xo

  9. I would love to hear why he didn't like your vinyl wrap doors. There are some really lovely vinyl wrap doors on the market. I get great feedback from clients and Decorating Forum members who have good quality vinyl wrap. So maybe one dream decision doesn't need to be shattered lol.

  10. I'm still loving my new kitchen too
    A bit disappointed in the edges of the cupboards which have chipped really easily...not sure what they are though - probably vinyl wrap...but what are the options?

  11. Haven't made any bad decisions as yet. However thank you for posting this info as we are building and I will need to make some kitchen decisions soon.

  12. I have had 2 pac in my last kitchen and was alittle dissapointed in how they stood up to the wear and tear, the new vinyl wrap are great we have them in our new kitchen.
    the only parts that have any damage so far are the 2 pac trim like the skirting which couldn't be done in the vinyl. Love my Essa stone bench but any bench top is good providing you treat it properly.
    All a learning experience for that day when you win lotto and build your dream home :-)

  13. Hehe I laugh because its such a steep learning curve with renovating a kitchen, I was so very nieve when we did ours. We even had our plans facing the wrong direction, sun over sink is much better apparently. Also realised we were missing out on the great view of our mango tree. We changed it all so we could have the view and the morning sun, now the mango tree is dying?? We too have a sink under, you just have to clean it a lil more but looks great. Goodluck, your def asking all the right questions. Rach x

  14. All of these gorgeous ideas are great for my new kitchen design!

  15. Oh boy Deb. I bought the loveliest 1920s heritage Craftsman cottage about 18 months ago. In all this period beauty someone installed an Ikea kitchen. Really that person should have been shot, but barring that it is time to start seriously thinking about a replacement. I love the French looking kitchen you've shown in this post.


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