Friday, April 16, 2010

Welcome - Hallway entrance ideas

I am a little obsessed about our front hallway.
Handy Mr M. put up this birdie coat rack last weekend and I have been fiddling around putting all sorts of bits and pieces on it. Today I wondered if I needed to paint it white!
We also have an old marble top wash stand with some tiles that needs a "before" and "after" type rennovation.

The new birdie rack.

Image - Home Beautiful
I love this idea with initials for each family member.

Image - Selvedge

Image - Selvedge

(seeing all these bags here I feel another sewing project coming on)

Image Ideal Home Magazine

I have noticed that the rack seems to acquire a couple more items everyday. I hope it's screwed in well. Do you have a coat rack? How do control the volume?

Now I'm off to contemplate what I can do with the washstand!!!!

The Moerks


  1. That little birdie rack is beautiful!

  2. I love your bird rack. We've put one in the laundry but haven't really used it yet. I think if it was near the front door it would be overloaded! Rxx

  3. Yip I love this too. I also have one in our laundry (if you can even call it a laundry) and my husband keeps hanging stuff like extension cords and brooms from it!!! I think when in a home they should be for lovely things. A favourite scarf & handbag is perfect! :)


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