Saturday, May 15, 2010

Magic morning at the mount.

I just had to share this view of the mountains that I quickly snapped this morning on the way to footy/netball. Mr M. was driving along minding his own business when I screeched, "STOP, blog photo".

There was misty fog rolling around the mountain.

And blue sky over the paddocks.

People ask why we chose this club a little out of town. We always tell them about the family atmosphere, our good friends who encouraged us to come out to the club and my lovely squash buddies who have kids also making the trek out there each week.

I don't necessarily tell them about this.

Because they would all want to come!

What a great way to start the weekend. 

By the way, big boy played an excellent game, I watched with one eye open and my heart in my mouth the whole time. He tells me he lost count of how many goals he kicked after the first five! Nothing wrong with his self esteem!
Miss B. suffered a sore ankle, hit in the head with the netball and ball off the tip of her fingers, not really her day today. She is going to have an afternoon rest on the couch with a DVD.

I am off to a seminar on the Latest  Research in Brain Development for young children. It better be good, it is after all Saturday afternoon and the sun is shining.
Mr M. is fiddling with the camper and Master B is off for a play date.

I am looking forward to tomorrow when I can do some blog visiting and see what everyone else has been up to over the last couple of days.
The Moerks


  1. Very nice picks! Looks like some areas of my neck of the woods :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for stopping by my blog, wonderful to meet you! Have a great weekend!

  3. Aaaahh, stop torturing me with the country stuff! There is nowhere else I'd rather be.. I'll go to the seminar for you if you like, I read book after book on neuroscience relating to child development. Nothing could be more important in my mind! Going to watch the 'slow' Saints this afternoon, they better bloody win! Rachaelxx

  4. That is my idea of a magical morning! I love living in the country! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

  5. beautiful shots.. I hate living in the city!!! always have but think i'm ready to get away from it.... thanks for the comments!! and posting the giveaway button!! xx Julie

  6. What a beautiful place to go and watch your children play their sports. The country is such a peaceful place to be. Have a great week. :)

  7. What gorgeous pictures!!! I love that place, so peaceful!!!


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