Thursday, May 13, 2010

What would we do without a coffee and a friend.

You know what? today was a bad day, not catastrophic, nothing really major happened everyone is fine. It was just a crappy day.

I should have known when I got up to have a shower and the radio wouldn't work. I just like to hear the local news and weather once. I should have taken as a sign and ducked back to bed, put the doona over my head a stayed there!

By 10.30 am this morning we had floods of tears from Miss B. which necessitated a trip to see her teacher, ( a sweet, kind and very lovely teacher ). A broken photo holder in Miss B's room courtesy of a flying pillow and Big Boy, more tears. A broken vase in the family room courtesy of Master B. and a flying pillow. We suspect Big Boy was also involved but I haven't got forensics onto it yet!

A trip to the car tire man revealed more bad news. New  tires needed on our fairly new 4WD. They think the car came out of the factory with a dodgy wheel alignment. Grrrrh.  Two trips to two supermarkets and what felt like 50 thousand phone calls to my parents relaying messages to and from their answering machine to the hospital where Mum is recovering from back surgery.

Then the disappointing news the kitchen caddy (complete with stainless steel benchtops) we had ordered for the camper for "the trip" was currently out of stock and not likely to be in Australia for some months. More grrrh.

Anyway at 10.30am the words any girl loves to hear.  "Hey, do you want to go for a coffee?"  So coffee with a lovely friend sorted me out for a while and we visited a new decor shop in town that I will just have to go back to and ask if I can take photos for the blog.

Then, the teacher rang, Miss B. still upset can I come and get her. Of course, be there right away. More tears then a miraculous recovery as the car hit the driveway.

So then the haircut. Desperate for a haircut, lovely shape, all going well until when, at the optometrists trying on glasses frames I noticed a long stray lock of hair. Went back to get it trimmed, my hairdresser was gone. Another one swooped on me and before I knew it she had cut the offending bit as well as the two front bits of my bob  that I had just grown the way we (me and my hairdresser) had wanted. More grrhh.

So all is well now, Mr M has kindly offered to do the netball, football training run and Dad has rung to say Mum will be coming home tomorrow. Oh and I get to go to see my bridesmaids (still girls to me although the wedding was nearly 18 years ago) and one of my bridesmaids is bringing her 5 month old baby. Stand clear everyone, he is all mine (til he cries). And I get to visit my kitchen stool friend as well.

If you have read all this well done. I feel better now, sometimes a girls just got to have a rant! ( And a coffee with a friend)

Hope your day was good.

The just a little bit grumpy Moerks


  1. Oh Deb....quadruple grrrr! You have done very well to make it to the end of the day without causing someone, anyone, grievous bodily harm (personally I'd be going after that 2nd hairdresser). Well done Mr M...and little M's... you nice to your mum, she's had a rough day. Hope the next few are much better (and glad your visit to the TT could make you laugh just a little bit!)

  2. It's always great just to get it off your chest. That was definately the day from just think how much better tomorrow will be...:) Take care Kym X

  3. At least the day after a crappy day always seems brighter.
    Tell us more about this 'kitchen caddy', I'd love to know about the nitty gritty of organising your mega tour!!

  4. Oh dear. What a perfectly frustrating day. Enough to drive a woman to drink - but coffee with a friend would be an instant sanity saver. Hope tomorrow is better.

  5. Some days are just like that aren't they! There to test us I guess, tomorrow will probably be a super wonderful day. I hope there are no more tears and dramas tomorrow. Poor Miss B, it's hard being a little girl isn't it! Big hugs to you all.

  6. Poor thing. I'm with ya' though. We all have one of those days. I think I've had one of those days for weeks. Good prep for your journey. When is it again? xx

  7. Oh man, that's a bad day..High stress levels. I know what they're like..time to go to bed until tomorrow! Rachaelxx

  8. Thanks for visiting my site and the great tip for fabric at Mitre 10. Just so happens, I have one of those just up the road. As for your blog post, laughed (sorry, as I realise it was a crap day for you), and laughed - in a way that only another mother with similar days would understand.

  9. Oh my god, I would be so peeved with the hairdresser! I also grow certain "bits" of my hair and they can't be lopped off. My friend and business partner Lorraine are foever calling each other and saying "lets have one of those coffee's" Things are just better when you can chat about them over a steamy cup.

  10. So glad that you had a friend to have coffee with. They always diffuse a bad day. If I was closer you could have given me a call. I have been very fragile all week... we would have made a great pair. Sorry about your nice hair bits getting the chop. A-M xx

  11. You truly needed a cup of coffee and a friend today!!! Life looks so much better after that! Love your blog!! Susan :)

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
    I commiserated with your post today, what a stinker of a day! I did, however, breath a sigh when you said Mr M did the sports run. I can't imagine what a single mum goes through without that extra backup support.
    Hope today is making up for it!
    Love your blog and now following :-)

  13. Don't call it ranting, call it venting, sounds more therapeutic!
    I hope you told the other hairdresser what she had just done (if she had ears to listen)?

  14. Oh boy.. I have days like these.. and that hairdresser.. I want to smack her!! hahaha... Oh i hate that!! although I spent years growing my fringe out and then of course hated it and cut it off.. crazy....

    off to you next post. and those gorgeous country shots.. can't wait till you begin your adventures.. the photo story will be great.. xx Julie


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