Wednesday, May 12, 2010

White Wednesday with a touch of shoes and a home made bean bag.

Still on the subject of chairs, isn't  this so very cute!.................

Very simple, but very cute!

Master B. is a fan of lining up his shoes.

Every night before he hops into bed, he hangs up his dressing gown
and lines his slippers up

Every morning he makes his bed and tidies his room

He actually really does a good job, he is only 6.

He didn't neatly place the bean bag there. I did to take a photo. He pestered me for ages to make it and the cushion for him.

I finally did and he was just so happy.

So was Lulu!
(She thinks if she doesn't make eye contact, we can't see her and I won't ask her to get off)
In your dreams fluffy puppy!

The Moerks


  1. Isn't he a gorgeous kid! Where can I find one of him?? Haha..

  2. I think Lulu and Buffy have a lot in common! I can't believe your son is that good...praise good behaviour, praise good behaviour...and hope like anything it lasts through the teenage years!

  3. Cute room, love the bean bag chair! Wow...great job making his bed...he's only 6?

  4. I think you should hang on to that photo of the slippers - it might come in handy when he hits 15 and you can no longer see his bedroom floor.

    Sweet post

  5. My old dog used to do the "avoid eye contact" trick. So smart aren't they?

  6. How gorgeous. My little 4 year old likes everything to be in its place too. My 2 year old, however, is Miss Contrary.. Love the post, it made me smile..Rachaelxx

  7. Oh what a good boy and what a gorgeous pup! A-m xx

  8. WOW! You found me and now I have found you.

    And this was fate. Is Lulu a cavoodle?

    I have 2 cavoodles. Baxter (which looks exactly like your lulu) and Bridgette.

    Cant wait to follow and see more of you.



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