Monday, June 21, 2010

Friends like these - guest post.

From my inbox this morning!!!

Dear ..............
Thanks for the blog update.  Good to see you are alive and back on line.  People will have been worried sick.  Do you realise you were off for over a week???   Did you let anyone know where you were going?  Did you give three rings when you got there???  Have you got clean underpants and a hanky - wait stop - that's just too motherly isn't it!!  Glad you're back on line for our entertainment.
I found this Wizard of Oz doorstop on ebay and just love it.  Thought it might make some blog material if you get stuck.  Something about 'no place like home' comes to mind.  Would be really tempted to buy one except they cost about $30 and then there's the postage from USA.  Gorgeous but not very budget friendly.  If ever you see one in Aus can you let me know.  Would be fabulous with bluestone tiles don't you think??
Are you still up for a play tomorrow?  Would you like to do the 'ladies that lunch' thing.  And of course this would involve supporting local business and having a look in some shops ie Ginger.  Let me know.
Have a great day.  



  1. What a wonderfully caring friend! I love the bookend, so cute!! Have a great Monday. xx

  2. How funny! I love the ruby fact I often daydreamed of having them on my feet as a small child - okay, maybe as an adult as well :)

  3. I want a friend like that to add to my collection of other awesome friends...bloggy and non-bloggy alike! Now click those heels and find yourself in lunch land!

  4. Lol, I am with Rachael:) Love the doorstop!!! Will keep my eye out for one:) Hope you have a wonderful week Deb ~ Tina xx

  5. Too funny! Love the doorstop too, so cute!

  6. Gee, your friend has great taste. A doorstop like that would fit perfectly in the house I'd love to build.


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