Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trip planning update.

We have been powering ahead with the trip planning.
It is amazing how much mental effort it is taking. I am trying to anticipate our needs for 12 weeks and am going slightly more crazy than usual.
So far I/we have

  • booked a motel in Port Augusta. We will be too tired to set up the camper there and it will be too cold I have decided.
  • booked an underground motel and mine tour in Coober Pedy.
  • booked a couple of nights at Uluru campground. This will be our first camping spot for the trip.
  • booked a couple of nights in Alice Springs. I plan to get there and wash clothes like a mad woman. Look out grey nomads the washer and dryer are mine!
  • Booked 3 nights in a place called Gemtree, and booked a fossicking tour to look for garnets.
  • After that, who knows. I guess we will have relaxed a bit and will be happy to kind of go with the flow.
Around the house I have started some packing.

We are each limited to one tub each for clothes for 3 months. Arrghh.

Those of you who know me would not be surprised to learn that each tub will be labelled with a visual and name.

There has also been a bit of labeling of other tubs.

  • I have reorganized the medicine box.
  • Checked the first aid kit and added some wide bandages in case of snake bite (heaven forbid).
  • Gone through 2 out of 3 children's wardrobes to set aside clothes they have grown out of attempted to put aside some to pack.
  • Washed all the towels and bedding for the camper.
  • Packed the coats and winter woollies.
  • Packed the sun hats, sunscreens and insect repellent. If anyone knows a good repellent that does not contain DEET, I would love to hear about it.
  • Vacumed the car and installed rubber matting over all the carpet including the back. (for now it's no longer a 7 seater)
Not a bad effort I say!

Now I am off to do more washing and ironing. Clothes sorting and start to get the food tubs organised. I also need to do the swimming stuff and the children's entertainment eg DVD's, mp3's, paper pens etc.

The Moerks


  1. Wow, what a lot of work! It will be worth it..Have you been to Uluru before? It's magical..I have a great place I buy my skincare from and they have a non-chemical (everything is non-chemical) repellant. It's called Drummond Body Care in Castlemaine, tel (03) 5472 2344. I rave about them to everyone. The owner suffers from terrible allergies himself and has developed an enormous range of products over many years. He's also a fountain of knowledge if you have any questions. They have mail order too! Rachaelxx

  2. You had to go and mention the snake word didn't you!! I am very impressed by your organisational skills...want to come and sort me out!! :) When's drive-away day?

  3. Hey Guys,
    Sorry to take so long to answer your question about my boatshed - I've been busy getting ready to go away. You may have seen the article on the boatshed in Australian Country Style in December 2008. I posted the images from the article on my blog near the end of last year - I'm not sure of the date, but it should be easy to find.
    All the best,

  4. P.S. Sounds like you've got a great trip planned.
    Have fun :)

  5. Looks like you are very organised! One tip for you... If the kids say they are feeling sick, I suggest you stop asap. With a heavy trailer on the back it will take you longer to stop and I think you get my drift... I speak from experience.... YUK!!! Make sure the medicine box or sick bags are in easy reach.

  6. Relax! It will all fall into place, those tubs will be heaps of clothes...remember, three light layers are warmer than 1 thick layer and more practical than bulky items. I was born in Pt Augusta, but don't hold that against me :), how long will u be there. Just go with the flow, don't book too much stuff ahead, live on the edge Moerks!

  7. How exciting , when do you leave ? Are you going to blog while away ?
    I am going to check out Racheals suggestion of a non-chemical repellent.
    Karyn x

  8. Well I can feel the big day is looming larger and larger. I feel like we should be standing on your street cheering as you drive off - what am I saying? We will be, cheering that is, each of us from thousands of miles away in body, but closer in spirit!

  9. Can't wait to follow the adventure. Will be great to see Australia from the comfort of my computer chair - no kids in the back seat, no flies and no sick bags (I hope).

  10. how cool! makes me all twitchy and excited. it has been about 10 years since i last drove over the nulla, but have done it many times. was thinking the other day about doing it again with the boys sometime soon - you've got all all excited and in planning mode now : )

    i think the best advice we ever got re: packing was to take a good tow rope, because if you break down somewhere and hitch a ride, you invariably have no wheels left when you get back!


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