Sunday, July 11, 2010

Outback breakfast

Hi there, I must apologise for not replying to those lovely people who have left comments. I am having a problem with sending emails, no problem receiving them. Please keep them coming I will attempt to fix the problem when the netbook and I can have some "alone time"

At the moment we are wet and soggy and slightly cranky in Alice Springs. It has poured rain and been misty and foggy all day. The Todd River is even flowing! Something that doesn't happen very often I believe.
We have abandoned our plans to go fossicking for garnetts in Gemtree and are just going to head north to some hopefully warmer weather. I will probably be complaining I am too hot soon!

Here we are driving out of Coober Pedy with the most amazing light.

The plan was to keep driving until the temperature outside hit 5 degrees then we would stop for breakfast.

Early morning call of nature.

We pulled off the road and ventured a short distance down a track.

The children gathered wood and started a fire to stop us freezing.

Porridge and tea was made.

Very pleasant!

Too much information?

Then it was back in the car and off to Yulara to see 'The Rock'

The Moerks


  1. Amazing light... and so so very vast isn't it? What an adventure... glad to see you're all getting very back to basics too! Hope it heats up... Ann x

  2. Oh my gosh! I know I'm a wuss but I just really need a flushing loo! A cuppa sitting around a nice fire sounds good though :)

  3. Good idea! Bad luck about the rain, but a rather unique Central Aus experience. Next time! The firefighting skills of the boys seem to be OK still. All well here & at home. Nick R made a successful comeback for Saints win. W N & I at Gold Coast, return Melb Wed. Latus' are good for garnetts. Keep enjoying the trip. Love you all Nan & Pa

  4. Wow what a great adventure you're having. Looks like you're enjoying it!

  5. Love the post, very funny! Must invest in one of those loos. I am going to show my husband that, he will be impressed!!! Also that first shot is very effective - a keeper for when you get home to frame maybe?

  6. Oh this post made me giggle several times Deb:) Sorry about the rain, what a bummer! Hope you find warmer, dryer weather further north. It looks like you are all having a fabulous time, thanks for sharing:) Take care ~ Tina xx

  7. Just fantastic, I love it. We had one of those loo seats when we went on a horse and wagon camping trip in the early 80's. Dad built a lean too for some privacy and they wrapped a garbage bag around the legs of the seat. It felt just like a real toilet.

  8. This post is sooo funny from this end ! Males get it easier in some departments. I have never seen a camping toilet chair. Hubby may have a chance of getting me out there after all. Shame about the rain. Are you coming to Qld?
    Karyn x

  9. Oh it looks so much fun, rain and all. What an adventure! A-M xx

  10. Those boys look a little too enthusiastic about that fire - very typical man behaviour! We are enjoying the armchair ride around Australia. Keep those blogs coming!

  11. Just caught up on your last couple of days! What a pain about the rain however you guys are trooping along! The country looks so vast! What an experience. xx

  12. Fabulous, fabulous! I have been to Alice many years ago when the Todd River flooded. And of course we flew in and our accommodation that we'd booked was on the other side! That portable toilet seat cracked me up!

  13. I've shown my kids and they are very impressed with your loo! Enjoying reading your travel posts!

  14. Look at all that red're taking me back..Shame about the rain! Rachaelxx


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