Friday, September 17, 2010

Ningaloo dreaming.

In the last month before we left on this journey, if anyone asked me to do anything in July, August or September, I just sighed and said "sorry, I should be at Ningaloo reef about then. So how excited was I to finally be at the reef. Very.....

Except in the typical unseasonal fashion, the day we arrived at Exmouth the gateway to the Northern End of the Ningaloo reef, it was cold wet and miserable.

Fortunately for us, it didn't last long and we got to explore Exmouth and the Cape Range National Park. I do apologise to those of you in cooler climates. Please know that by the time I manage to post these pictures we too will be down in the cooler weather.

Not bad.

These  photos above are of a beach called Lakeside.
We snorkelled just of the beach and saw some amazing fish and coral.

As we headed into town after a day at the beach, we were welcommed by two emus walking down the street. They moved off the road. Can you see it there by the power pole? and the other one behind the bins.

The Moerks

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  1. I've just been catching up with your trip. Wow! You have covered a lot of territory. The beach looks amazing - pristine and deserted. Gorgeous!


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