Thursday, September 16, 2010

Point Samson- fishy tales and rock engraving.

If there was an award for "Most Perfect and Lovely clean and orderly caravan park" then the Cove at Point Samson would be the all out winner.
I was in cleaning heaven after the filth of Karajini and several weeks camping. We washed and cleaned and scrubbed in the pristine environment. We even ate our meals in a very civilised indoor spotless camp kitchen and got into very big trouble for driving very briefly on the grass. Sadly I was so in tidy heaven I forgot to take any pictures.
Cue Jaws music, no sorry it's a whale!

The other attractions at Point Samson were the Humpback whales breaching and thrashing around in the bay for our entertainment and the fishing. We had a couple of very successfull fishing expeditions. Master B was the Fishmaster catching the most interesting fish, a shovel nose ray, Miss B, a lovely Bream and to her horror a seagull, and the rest of us pulled in many whiting.

We went to nearby Dampier in search of the Aboriginal Rock Engravings called Petroglyphs. We managed to find a few.

They were tricky to find in piles of rocks like these.

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