Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Early morning Millstream.

This is our camp in the early morning in the Millstream National Park.

Mr. M got up early while we were all snoozing.

There were heaps of fish in the water.

It was quiet and tranquil from about 6.15pm to 9.30am the next morning. For most of the day huge flocks of corellas sit in the trees around the campsite and along the waters edge. Lucky for us it was just a quick stopover and we managed to avoid the bird poop. Others were not quite so lucky.

The Moerks


  1. I would love to visit Australia one beautiful! Your children will never forget this amazing journey! Deb

  2. What a gorgeous spot to take some time out. Looks just perfect. The weather is really nice at the moment here in Brisbane, a good time to go camping! Keep on having fun! ;-)

  3. The car does not even look dirty - considering all that red dirt!

  4. trust me, the car is filthy, inside and out.


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