Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tom Price, Rio Tinto Land!

After Karajini we headed into the mining town of Tom Price. If Port Hedland was BHP land then Tom Price is Rio Tinto land. Tom Price is named after a guy who fought long and hard for the Iron Ore mine to become operational. Sadly the day the go ahead was given for the mine, he died of a heart attack.

We camped the night before next to a lovely couple named Felicity and David who told us all about the Tom Price mine tour and recommended we go on it. It just so happens we have very dear friends called Felicity and David, from Melbourne (Actually Felicity was one of my bride slaves and I one of hers) and David works for Rio Tinto. How freaky was that!

One for UncleWayne to work on.

"Hi David"

These massive trucks are taking iron ore up the hill.

Look at the size compared to a 4wd ute.

The complicated wed of conveyor belts taking the iron ore to the train to be loaded.

The Moerks


  1. I bet you loved all that red dust! Imagine cleaning the red dust out of those trucks!
    The kids look like they are ready for a career in mining - looking very interested.

  2. What a fabulous tour to take. Better than playing with little toy trucks. It seems life is a journey of coincidences - nice memories evoked. Flood has subsided, Spring has sprung.
    Love you.


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