Monday, March 7, 2011

New look for $8.00

I have had this blue fabric for a while, fulling intending to make some cushions.
Just waiting for the right moment.
the other night at 5pm, 
inspiration struck.
I probably should have been starting to cook dinner,
do the ironing.

I headed off to my attic.

And whipped these babies up.

Down below a nerf war was raging. 
As I yelled from above to keep the noise down and not to break anything,
Mr M assured me they would be careful.
( I suspect he was the ringleader.)

Did you spot these on the coffee table?(Actually the coffee table is another story)

I have been messing around with more crochet.

Crochet and cushions.
A girl could be very happy!
I have been checking here to make sure the crochet is


  1. What a great look for $8! I really like the blue colour and the print. Your crochet looks great too! I was looking at some pretty crochet covered pincushions on etsy yesterday. Have reisted so far...
    Have a great week!

  2. I do hope you're going to make an afghan kaftan out of those crochet bits :) Love the are a clever one!

  3. You do sound so much like me - when inspiration strikes at any time of the day or night you just have to follow through and do it!

    Gorgeous fabric and gorgeous crochet.

    Have a wonderful day. Pam x

  4. Deb, you are a marvel. I am so impressed at your thriftiness, imagination, craftiness and skill. You're a legend! J x

  5. I am so totally blue with envy! Gorgeous Deb, x

  6. Love, love, love both your gorgeous new cushions and your crochet! You have been a very busy it!! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead Deb ~ Tina x

  7. Oh Wow. I wish I could create like you!!! Just beautiful. Beautiful xox

  8. Love that choice of fabric. Cushions and crochet...anyone, who didn't blog or appreciate such things, would think you were a Nana!! xx

  9. Hi Deb.. the cushions look wonderful.. a lot of love for $8!! Love your crochet also you clever girl .. I haven't attempted that in years...

    Have a lovely week!! ciao xxxx Julie

  10. Those cushions look amazing! I love that fabric, and that is my favorite shade of blue! I wish I could crochet like that.... I am such a beginner still! X

  11. Only a truly creative individual would understand that urge that cannot be denied! And look at what it produced, soooo worth getting dinner on the table a little late :o)

  12. Stunning! Love the colours and your great work.

  13. i love inspiration at 5pm!!

    not always ideal time wise- but nothing a good bit of creating...a little glass of wine...and a compfy cushion in a new cover can't fix!!
    love the blue and white!

    melissa xx

  14. Love these - How clever you are - brilliant colours - wow !!

  15. these are excellent! The talent!

  16. The pillows look briliant and the chrochet too .
    why do all this other things have to be done .pillows and chrochet are much more fun !!!

  17. I love them! The fabric is marvelous--perfect for pillows! Great job.

  18. What great fabric. I think it make beautiful cushions. Love the one with the band of it in the middle.


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