Tuesday, June 21, 2011

check out the date.....

Yes, it is today, (if you ignore the tiny inconsequential bit that says October).
My poor old eyes can hardly read that bit anyway.

Groovy lamp ehh?

We are all a bit tired this morning.
A huge storm blew through last night.
It was crazy outside.
Makes you feel all warm and cosy tucked up in bed.
This morning the sun is peeking through and shining down on the very damp greenery.
Sort of looks pretty.

I was glued to The Block last night.
It was great to see our bloggie buddy Katrina Chambers on the big screen.
I hope she does really well.

Have a happy Tuesday the 21st.


  1. Apparently it was stormy here too but I didn't hear it :)
    The Block was great! Yes, I'm looking forward to seeing how Katrina goes. The houses look almost derelict!

  2. Cold here too this morning, but the sun is shining gloriously now. I liked the room that won last night on The Block. Nothing like a do or die room transformation, to even get on the show.

  3. Love that desk! Brilliant light! I am so excited about the block too, our family looks like the Simpsons, all sitting on the couch glued to the tv during the block! X

  4. Hello,

    This desk is just perfect an the light also.

    Greetings from a rainny Belgium

  5. Love the desk. Isn't this block thing a hoot. I hope they get through! A-M xx


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