Friday, June 17, 2011

Get Lost!.......In Paris

Some people are just so clever.

These gorgeous Paris images
are the work of etsy seller  LittleBrownPen.

This is how they describe their work.

The French have a word for what we do: Flâner. It means to stroll with no destination in mind, simply for the pleasure of it. Our photo collections are a record of the serendipitous discoveries found by getting lost in Paris. 

Hang the photos together to recreate a large-scale, virtual stroll through the streets of Paris. 

I love how the photo's are curated into groups.

The French even have stylish graffiti.

It's chilly Friday afternoon here, and quickly turning into a chilly Friday night.
I have had a little one home from school today feeling miserable.
I have made a big pot of vege soup.
all the vege goodness will 
have her feeling good again in no time.

I hope you have a good weekend.
If not,
just have another look at these photo's 
Pretend you are in Paris.


  1. What beautiful photos! Hope your little one feels better soon. I'm about to put a pot of minestrone on for tea too :)

  2. Oh lovely, just LOVELY, viva la France. This is completely divine & expect me to copy this in my future home. Only i come from a family of people who find it impossible to hang things straight, plus we're stompers, so they'll have to be fixed in place to remain in perfect balance. Gorgeous inspiration, thanks & best wishes to your little one - mine just get tired this time of year, soup fixes everything, love Posie
    Yes, i have resorted to a Word Press blog as a link to my real blog, seeing Blogger won't let me comment here, argh!!

  3. Wow, these photos are gorgeous and as you say, SO beautifully curated! I am very blessed to be able to say tht I won't have to dream about Paris for much longer, as I am heading there on July 6 - thanks for the inspiration to get me even more excited!

  4. funniest thing, my quick friday post was about dressing like a parisian! i can't wait to travel europe but first must travel this great new land of australia! my husband and i decided to move as far away from home first and travels these areas before traveling europe and the americas.

    check out the parisian post and let me know what you think?

  5. and i love how they're grouped together by color, i love it!!! i'm currently trying to make copies of art i see on etsy with me own images, i know that's bad, but it's turning out pretty good!

  6. Little Brown Pen is a clever lady, I love her pics and the way she groups them by colour.
    Have a great weekend, hope your little one gets better

  7. I love how they are grouped, SOOOO beautiful! I hope your daughter feels better soon with your vegie soup - can you send some my way Deb? I'm freezing too ;)

  8. Oh these are so gorgeous!!! I have a thing for colour groupings too.. my nephew and nieces used to laugh at me as I colour coded my bookshelf!! hehe.. but hey... can't help myself..

    Sorry to hear your little one is unwell.. half of Sydney has the flu at present.. .. Take care and rug up!!! ciao xxx Julie

  9. Forgot to say I adore that last print!! ciao again.. xx

  10. How fantastic are these collections of pictures!!! I want to be there... not that I mind here... Friday night, home made pizzas & movie with the the kids... just that it is not quite so romantic and chic! X

  11. Beautiful collection Mrs M.
    I have purchased a while ago from LittleBrownPen :)

  12. I loved this idea to put all the photos together...the same color...the same theme....beautiful!!!!

  13. What incredible images, so beautiful! There's been a lot of Paris stuff around the blogs recently, but this would have to be the most gorgeous. We're going to spend a day there in September, I can't wait, I'm sure I'll fall in love! Hope little one is feeling better. Have a lovely weekend..Rachaelxx

  14. I'm so pleased you found those images they are beautiful.
    I hope your little one is feeling better today.

  15. Gorgeous pics, perfect for a gallery wall. Hope your little one is better soon - soup will surely do the trick especially if made with a sprinkle of love. Enjoy the weekend Deb. ;-)

  16. Oh I love the photos. I have pictures of Paris that I bought on my honeymoon many years ago now, in almost every room of our house. These are fantastic. Off to visit the site now. Hope your little one is better and you have a good weekend. Gx

  17. OMGosh you're an Aussie <3 I have been looking further at your blog and can now see that clearly LOl , Make that Hi I'm Ava from NSW and I love your blog ;)

  18. Love the pics! Especially the white themed one - just stunning..Hope the vegie soup worked its magic on your little one :)

  19. Oh I love these all...such stunning images...pure joy! Thank you for sharing...I so want to go to Paris now..sigh
    Happy new week. xoxo


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