Thursday, June 23, 2011

Old faded chipped and cracked.

Faded chipped and cracked probably best describes my poor old winter skin.

1 and 2 viahere

But when the words are applied to old timber.

via paint me white

Something rather magical happens.


I love this one, it is like a symphony of colours to me.

I could frame this and look at it on the wall.

There is a lot to be said for faded, chipped and cracked methinks.


  1. Phew, I thought you were talking about me! Lol. ;-)

  2. beautiful. i agree, something about 'distressed' paint is more interesting than a perfectly painted piece. maybe as humans we feel like being 'distressed' shows the piece has experienced life much like we have? i dunno :)

  3. I love the faded, chipped and cracked too! There is something so gorgeously comforting about weather worn wood! I want those doors! X

  4. Love faded, chipped and cracked too.....just wish it didn't apply to my face..ha ha.. gorgeous pics.X

  5. So do I Kym, so do I. And my poor hands aren't coping very well with this icy weather.

  6. Love the faded blue. Great blog. Glad I found you from abeachcottage. :)

  7. I cannot begin to list the hours I spent scraping off old paint and applying new. I love this look and wish I had saved, not only my time, but the pieces I striped.

  8. A symphony of colours ... I love that! I too could look at those doors on the wall (sounds a bit back to front, doesn't it ;-)


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