Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meet some gorgeous girls, down on the farm....

Just through here,
under the peppercorn tree.

In a sweet little house.

Live a gorgeous gaggle of girls.

With pretty gardens to scratch in.

Friends to cluck with.

Somewhere safe to roost at night.

These girls live a charmed life.

We met them to today while visiting a gorgeous farm.

I took a zillion photos.

Stand by, there are more to come.

Linking here

Our earlier visit to the farm here.


  1. Chickens! I'm still trying to talk my husband into some.

  2. Oh it looks like hen heaven!

    Cant wait to see more pics :)

  3. love that old bedhead, I could use one to decorate my garden.

  4. Chickens seem to be the new black. He he he. They deserve a happy life.
    I just adore that bedhead! I agree with Deanne, perfect for the garden, or drag it inside. Lovely x

  5. It just looks so serene. Oh to live that life! A-M xx

  6. i love the final photo with the old rusted bed frame~

  7. Look at those fabulous photos. Seems like a lovely place to visit Deb. xx

  8. Good looking chooks! We have chooks next door and they often venture into our yard. The boys have fun rounding them up. ;-)

  9. Chickens make everything seem so laid-back and relaxed. I love it.

  10. Really cute, chickens live the life! Thanks for adding your link to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and showing us some gorgeous gals :)

  11. Great pics! Those girls are so sweet.... I had a of those chooks and you have reminded me how much I miss them! X

  12. Hi Deb,
    Now I miss the birds as well as the Dogs.
    Do those ladies lay eggs as well as look pretty.
    Love the Pup in the Chookyard in one of your photos.

  13. Oh I love chookies! I would love to have some, but unfortunately they would not last long around our labrador:( I love your photography, Deb.. just beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Txx

  14. Oh, gotta get me some roamin' backyard chickens one day. Lovely photos, Deb and so glad I found your blog.


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