Monday, August 15, 2011

Leaning tower of..............................

Quilts and cushions..........................

When it is cold 
we Moerks love our comforts.

Any number of warm and cuddly quilts and rugs are usually only an arms reach away.

I was dozing on the couch when inspiration struck!

I thought these colours looked quite fetching in a warm and comfy type way.

Totally thrown in a pile by various members of the family.

Quilts, rugs and my $8 cushions.

The leaning tower evolved.

See the eiderdown precariously perched near the top.

That one is special.

It came from my Grandmother.

It is worn and patched
and I am a little hesitant to wash it too often.

Pretty much any day, at any particular time.
You will usually find one of us.
Wrapped in love.

Are you a snugglers?

I am a little excited this week as
 Let's go Moerkabout is being featured over at the Decorating Forum.
If you haven't visited before, head on over. There are lots of great ideas and I found many like minded decorators over there.


  1. all looks so cozy, Deb! It's a little too warm to snuggle here right now, but I do have a big pile of soft quilts to bring out this fall. I am starting to look forward to those days!! ;-D

    I'm off to visit the link. Yay for you!


  2. Oh that looks so adorable and cuddly Deb. Yes we are big cuddlers here at the Hind household. We have a collection also of throw rugs and cushions. Can you ever have too many??? Of course not lol.
    It's wonderful to be able to feature your blog this week on the Decorating Forum. I know our members are going to love it:).

  3. i am a snuggler only because we have no heat! goodness is gets cold to the bone inside when i'm not bundled. can't wait for spring to arrive~

  4. It's still so cold isn't it! Got to make the most of this snuggly weather. I love, love, love your cushions! I'm on the hunt for newies right now and you've given me some inspiration (make them!!). That is a gorgeous eiderdown - what a precious thing to have from your grandmother, now it will be an heirloom for your kids to have too. Alison x

  5. Am I a snuggler? It's my favourite word! Along with 'huggle' where a hug carries on into a cuddle!!
    I too have some blankets from my grandparents that are very precious things. You don't want to keep them in the cupboard, yet I do sometimes worry that I will ruin them just be using them.
    I agree, those colours have photographed lovely.
    Have a great week.

  6. Love a snuggle and usually have a blanket or trusty dressing gown near by at night time. I am off to see your feature, well done. ;-)

  7. Oh Deb, what a cozy sight! The colours are gorgeous together, and the snuggly stack is beckoning invitingly! The eiderdown is particularly lovely, those pretty colours with the paisley are favourites of mine.... I also really like the burlap otterman, did you make it? It is just about snuggle in time here... Block o'clock! Happy week! X

  8. What a fabulous tower of snuggliness.

    Yesterday I was helping the Middle-sized gift make her bed and she said she'd been a bit cold the night before. I'd just started spring cleaning the blankets and doonas [it's getting warm here] and was at a loss to know what to pop onto her bed.

    Then I remembered a heavy woollen blanket of my Mother's in the guest room. She'd had it at boarding school and it's one of my favourites for its warmth and colours.

    Like you, I also have one of my Grandmother's eiderdowns but it's a bit too fragile to use and is carefully stored in the linen cupboard.

    A great post, perhaps I'll take out Grandmother's eiderdown for a snuggle and a read on the weekend.

    xx Felicity

  9. Deb
    It's adorable!!!
    Definitly, I'm a snuggler too!

  10. HI Deb,
    No one at my place is much of a snuggler.
    BUT, the Dodgy Brothers are real snugglers, and would LOVE your Grandma's Eiderdown. Maybe they need something like that as a Christmas Present? They are having to cope with a pink (yes pink for 2 little boy chihuahuas!) fleece baby bunny rug down here on the freezing (if you are from Townsville) Gold Coast.

  11. Oh how i love your pics of the snugglies!! We are ALL serious snugglers. There are quilts, big fluffy blankies and cushions aplenty topping my couch at all times...

  12. We're definitely snugglers here. Right now it's too cold to do much else! How special to have your grandmothers quilt in amongst your lovely pile.

  13. A beautiful and cozy blend of fabrics! Thanks for linking up to the Burlap Month party at WhisperWood Cottage!


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