Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mum's old sewing patterns.

I was up in the Attic this morning pottering around.

I had to go up very early because today is a scorcher! It's already 35 and it is tipped to be 42. Arghh.

Anywho, it was hot as chops up there. I was ferreting around looking for a pattern for a summer dressing gown to make for Miss B. She has decided she would like a little robe to wear around over her summer pj's.

I came across my Mum's stash of patterns she had passed on to me.

I thought I would share a few.

These ladies all look so well groomed.

Hello "Happy days"
I think we have used the skirt part of this pattern to make some 50' circle skirts.

I love the knee high socks.

I might whip one of these up for squash next season.

Ohh cute, must have been used for my sister and I.

Yeah baby!

This is the pattern I unearthed.
Hmmm, might work.

I might just make a pot of tea and have a little think about it.


  1. Hot as chops - what a great saying. You poor thing having to put up with that heat. It's a lot cooler down here in Tassie.
    What great images on the old patterns, I've always found them rather appealing. Try to keep cool!!

  2. I remember these when my older sisters learned to sew...very retro!


  3. Oh wow, total score!! Patterns are amazing from back then, the graphics are brilliant.
    Oh you must play squash in one of those frocks, absolutely, with maybe a fetching coordinating fabric button to match your racquet case or handmade trimmed squash socks?? Do you still get socks with pom poms these days??
    As for having one child 'removed' to a sleepover, i think even if you had 10 children, with one out of the mix, the dynamics change dramatically. Love Posie

  4. Vintage patterns are one of my most favourite things!!!! I buy them, craft with them wrap with them and sew with them!!! Some are too special to cut up.... I always search for the in op shops. Love that collection! X

  5. Like the new look for the New Year, hope it's a very happy one. Love 'n' stuff. NaomiX

  6. Why can't you buy summer dressing gowns (brunch coats?) anymore? I found a stretch knit one for Miss Flea (5 yrs) but nothing in Big Girl's size (9 yrs). I can't read a pattern to save myself so Big Girl gets around in her winter one in the morning. Happy sewing!

  7. Hello!
    Nice to meet and follow you! Come and have a peek at my blog when you have a chance.

    Ciao Bella!

    Creative Carmelina

  8. Oh wow! how gorgeous!! I love the old dress patterns..especially pic 2...


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