Sunday, January 1, 2012

Well hello 2012. The sky's the limit.

Greetings 2012.

A new fresh year. Full of promise.
The slate is wiped clean.
Ready to fill.
With, what ever you want.

I'm thinking

Time with family.
Time with friends.
Time with myself.

Run regularly.
Improve my squash.
Blog more consistently.
Open an etsy shop.
Maybe even start a new blog using my knowledge and skills built up over the years.

Read more books.
Giggle lots.
Take on what ever challenges come my way.

Wishing you.
A Happy New Year
you want it to be.


  1. Wishing you a wonderful year Deb. What a great list of things you have there! I never make resolutions but maybe I should set a few goals? Where to start?
    Yippee for 2012!! X

  2. Beautiful Deb. What a great start! Happy New Year! A-M xx

  3. Love you thoughts Deb !
    If only I knew someone here that has EVER played squash or wants too.
    Have a great 2012 (Ill be looking out for that etsy shop)
    Karyn x

  4. Happy New Year, Deb.... WOW you have a lot planned. Love the idea of an etsy shop...go for it! Wishing you and your family a fabulous 2012..XOX
    p.s. Love the new heading :)

  5. Have a wonderful start to the new year and beyond. Love the new header too.
    ps. I havent even written my list yet

  6. Well, Happy New Year.!! You are already there {what a big world!}. We still have 3 hours to go...enough time to make resolutions I guess!! I am looking at peace, joy and good health for myself and my family and I wish the same for you and yours! Happy New Year!


  7. You are right, the possibilities are exciting! Happy 2012! X

  8. Happy New Year Deb, hope you have a great 2012. KP

  9. Loving the new header Deb.
    The hubs and I played squash before children..long time ago, I'd be flat out getting around the court now.
    Hope you are enjoying New Years Day and all the dreaming that comes with it!

  10. All the best for the year Deb!! Love the newest blog look you are on the ball!!

  11. Happy New Year Moerks, love that old clean slate feeling, once i actually clean my slate!! Wishing you a fantastic 2012 filled with opportunities & happiness, love Posie

  12. Happy New Year to you too! Yours sounds like it will be fabulous xox

  13. Gorgeous, Deb. And a fab new header to boot! Well done. Wishing you and yours only the best for 2012. J x

  14. Wishing you a wonderful year Deb full of wonderful things! Your list of what you want to accomplish in 2012 looks great :)


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