Sunday, February 19, 2012

Murder, Mystery and Arson

Murder, Mystery and Arson, a very dramatic post title for a little blog about home life, pretty interiors and a bit of home made goodness!

Our little sleepy hollow has been having a torrid week.

I was out for dinner last night with my Mothers group. We have been meeting for 13 years. We always have a wow of a time. We know each others Proposal tales, Wedding tales, Birth stories (in graphic detail). We know who is town is doing what with whom and there is generally an opinion on everything, including which smartphone is the best and at what age girls should start waxing their legs.

Dinner started off well with our driver providing champagne for the pick up and after a couple of margaritas things were great. Our meal was excellent but by 9.30pm we starting to flag and someone mentioned maybe we should have an early night. Then we got on the the topic of the murders. 

Tragically there had been two murders in the district on the previous weekend, unheard of in these parts. Shocking. This was the sort of thing we read about happening in the papers, not here. 

Then we discussed the mystery of the missing kayak-er. A chap had been kayaking on a lake some time ago and had disappeared. There was a lot a speculation about whether he had drowned or "done a runner". Unfortunately, his remains had been uncovered the day after the shocking murders. 

Honestly it was starting to feel like we were living in an episode of Midsomer Murders.

Then jokingly as you do on a girls night. Someone said we need a little drama then we can all go home.

Well a car drove by and backfired, very loudly. There drama done.


I got home, was just about asleep when I heard a noise outside. We live on a busy road and it is not unusual to hear groups of people walking home from a night out. The noise didn't stop. Then it seemed unusually bright outside. I knew I had turned the porch light off.

I peeked out the window.

The house over the road had its beautiful cypress hedge ablaze.

It was just awful. We felt so helpless. It took forever for the fire trucks to get there and when they did it was almost all gone.
So sad.

It was unbelievable, we couldn't take in the amount of people driving past, parking, stopping to look.
I was furious,  a car actually drove infront of the firetruck and slowed it down.

It was all over in no time.
no noise, no smoke blowing in our direction.

Luckily the house is fine.
The elderly gentleman, Bob and his wife are shattered.
He told Mr M, he aged 10 years overnight.

Bob has been outside sitting on the white chair hosing the remains of his garden.

My heart bleeds for him.

Next Saturday night,
our hedge

Will be getting a very good water.

We will be keeping this handy.

Mr M says our hedge is privet and it won't burn like the cypress.

Our neighbour lost a tree a while back in a similar manner.
You can read about that here

What is the world coming to?


  1. It has been a dreadful week for many people around here hasn't it. Not much I can add but hope the court cases proceed quickly and in a straight forward way, at least for the victim's families.

  2. Let's hope that's the last of any drama for a looong time! My heart goes out to all those locals doing it tough right now. X

  3. Let's hope that's the last of any drama for a looong time! My heart goes out to all those locals doing it tough right now. X

  4. When only a child I vividly remember three large cypress pines in our garden being set alight by vandals during the night. At the time these idiots were prowling the neighbourhood causing untold damage to peoples property. Fire brigade, police etc and that night I swear my parents aged considerably just like your poor neighbour. My blood still boils when I think about that night. Anyway next day Dad vowed never to plant another cypress pine.

    1. I just don't understand what the attraction is. Burning something so solid and beautiful. It makes me sad and mad.

  5. That's terrible, your poot neighbour!! Makes you feel a bit unsafe when things like that happen so close to home. Hope your hedge is left untouched!! x

  6. How devastating for the old couple, but at least they still have their home and their lives!

    1. Yes, you are right Deanne, it is just frustrating they had to go through the ordeal.

  7. That is shocking. Did someone perhaps chuck a cigarette out the window? Poor man, he must have feared this would catch to his house.

    1. They ate not sure but it seems a little suspicious.

  8. You've had a lot of excitement {and not the good stuff} there in your neck of the woods. I feel badly for the old couple, what a shame. I hope this is the end of all the bad happenings.


  9. oh dear!!! Sounds like some nasty so and so s have moved into the area. stay safe.

    Your mums group sounds lovely. I hope i can find a lovely bunch of mums one day too!

    Your poor neighbors. That is just the pits.

    Hope things improve around your area soon xox

  10. Thank you, it all sounds so dreadful when I write it down. Really truely we live in a lovely generally peaceful country town.

  11. Bloody heck. I thought it was meant to be a quiet life in the country! Sorry to hear about your neighbours. It must have really shaken them up, and you too no doubt. I'm happy to come and join a hedge watching party :)

  12. OMG .... how terrible. All those years of growing to go up an instant. That is so senseless. It is a shame that a few silly people spoil the serenity. I am sure the neighbourhood will recover quickly, much quicker than the poor hedge anyway. That will not be easily replaced. X

  13. OH my goodness Deb that's shocking - it makes you so upset that people have nothing better to do than destroy.
    I hope all the dramas in your neighbourhood settle down :(


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