Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bike update

After my grand declaration mid life crisis  of commencing riding by bike to work, I have started to see a flaw in the system.

You see, on day one I set off full of enthusiasm.
Managed to cross the road in one piece.
Then as I crossed over a bit of dirt track (which I like to call my cross country stretch of the trip)
and a dirty big branch from a gum tree fell to the ground literally metres away.
I nearly fell off my bike.

Then with grim determination I continued.
Sadly it was a case of going
"too hard too fast"
very soon I was buggered!
By the time I got to work, my legs were like jelly and I couldn't talk for at least 5 mins.
A veritable record for me!
Anyway, hair check was ok and I had a leisurely ride home, all good.

Now yesterday.
Head wind,
not good.
Tail gated,
not good,
 then passed
by the tail gating old man
on a gopher!!!
Not good at all. 

My ego is dented.
I am driving the car!
(Hopefully it will be raining and no one will know I wimped out.)


  1. I agree, it's a bit of a hazardous business, this bike riding caper - that's why I'd never do it! Fair enough if you have a designated bike track, but roads, cars, falling tree branches and pesky old men make it all a bit dangerous in my mind. Maybe you are just being sensible by driving, not wimping out!?
    Safe travels :)

  2. I think it is commendable to be making the effort at all. Good going.

  3. Sounds very, very familiar. I was given a bike about a year ago with the intention of fun, family bike rides... I complained so much about the seat, the brakes, my helmet, the track, and anything else in my path that I haven't been invited on any bike rides for quite a while!
    Well done for trying. x

  4. Oh no, you are just so good to ride at all. I hope you can get back in the saddle again - but I pass absolutely no judgement if you don't as I am the laziest person in the world. :)

  5. Too funny, Deb! Keep it up, my friend - you'll get there once the rustiness has worn off. J x

  6. I give you credit for giving it a shot, Deb. I could never do it. I will pray for rain!



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