Thursday, February 17, 2011

love this organisation

I love this spot of organisation.

It's in the home of blogger Melanie of My Sweet Savannah

See the clipboard on the wall.
It is painted in blackboard paint.
It has ribbon attached to chalk and a magnet with a round circle of felt as the duster.
Her children have one each.
Each day they clip their school notes to the board so she can find them.

my sweet savannah
I need one of these areas at my house.
I am off now for a restorative coffee with the girls.
I need it.
 I had a very hard, first squash game of the season. 
Everything aches.
And yes, I did win.
Otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned it! :)


  1. Love this idea with the clipboards.
    Squash !! Love playing squash , I thought it was a dying sport. Nearly all the squash centers in Qld have closed over the years. I never understand why , its hot up here & the sun can be unbearable to play tennis at times (well for me , I know there are always die hards who can tolerate it) Squash you can play rain , hail or shine.There is one old centre still open at the northern end of the coast just wish I knew someone here that would play.
    I think squash & roller skating is the most 'fun' exercise you can do. Come to think of it there are NO skating rinks on the Gold Coast .
    Bring squash & roller rinks back into 'fashion' I say.
    Karyn x

  2. I love Melaine's mudroom...ours is similar only white. I have to steal the clipboard idea! ;-D

    Hooray for you and your team! I bet it was a great workout!



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