Monday, August 22, 2011

Mid winter in the garden.

Hi there,
 Do you have some time? 
This is a rather long and rambling post. 

Firstly, thank you to all of you for the helpful suggestions regarding the phone table.
Hopefully I will get onto it and post some finished pics in the not too distant future.
Secondly, we are moving into spring at long last so I thought I had better post these mid winter pics.
Have a happy Monday everyone.

I wanted to show you what was happening in the garden mid July.

I was amazed I could find a few flowers. 

Firstly the ever reliable camellias are starting to flower, hooray!

I like these pretty double pink ones even better when they are not splashed with mud from the pressure washer.

I don't mind the odd arum lily or two.

Violets are very special, my Grandmother used to pick them and bring them inside all the time.

The last surviving rose, I will be attacking these with the secateurs very soon.

The daisies are also very reliable and happy I think.

The lemons and the borage are going gangbusters!

Did you know the borage flower is edible, tastes peppery.

Our Harry Potter waves his magic over the seedlings. (forgive me, that was bad wasn't it)

Mr M is rather proud of his pumpkins.

If you are a sticky beak like me you might like to see things like the potting shed.

And the wood shed. I like seeing where all the real work is done.

Thanks for joining me on my mid winter garden ramble.
I can't wait for spring, it's nearly here.


  1. Hi Deb,
    Thanks for walking us through your beautiful garden. I can only imagine what it must look like in Spring. As for those pumpkins, I would be damn proud too.
    Kel x

  2. Every photo is a little storey Deb,I love your garden its beautiful....
    have a great day.....

  3. Oh my goodness...your garden is amazing! Those lemons I would die for...lucky you my friend. Hugs.xoxo

  4. I hope you are having your daily quota of G&T with slices of lemon, Deb. Love your camellias. xx

  5. Today is definitely gin and tonic weather here so I could do with a lemon tree like yours. How fruity is it!! Am very impressed :)

  6. Your garden looks gorgeous! Bring on spring! X

  7. so jealous seeing your lemons! I live in the wrong part of the world to grow citrus successfully but try anyway. Mine are in planters and will be moved into the house in the next 2 weeks or so and the harvest will be a lot less significant than yours!

  8. There ARE a lot of flowers.
    I wish i could grow daisies but i always kill them (with kindness i think) too much water maybe?
    Spring feels like its here already.
    Mmmm lemons.... I love seeing peoples corners of their gardens too. Nice wood stack!

  9. Deb you have a great garden and that lemon tree is amazing! Lemon meringue pie? ;-)

  10. Oh yes G&T, lemon meringue pie, you ladies are right on the money!

  11. wowsers Deb - your garden is all go even in the depths of winter...that yello rose is stunning!

    & secretly i love your shed photos as much as the flowers- that is one lovely , well used, real life shed!

    melissa xx

  12. Oh Deb, your garden is glorious. I am living vicariously through your garden. Mine is all concrete! Little one asked me the other day about getting some more stick insect eggs... oh dear... here we go again! A-M xx

  13. A-M if they lay some I will happily send some up to the little one. Ours are huge at the moment. Monster stick insects!


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