Thursday, August 18, 2011

Under pressure, a before and after.

Some time ago our dog Lulu had a Kennel makeover to celebrate her new name sign.

Well since then, it has been a cold, wet winter.

I decided that the courtyard needed a bit of sprucing up.

See, it is all looking a bit blahhh!

Out came the trusty pressure washer.
Boy was it addictive.
The fights we had over whose turn it was!

Don't the bricks look so much better.

One day I must tell you the story of those bricks. 
We collected and cleaned every single one of them.

My hands still feel the pain.

Ta da, all tidy and perfect for a cuppa on a sunny day.

Don't worry about Lulu, the kennel is snuggled in under the mulberry tree in a corner near the shed.
It's cozy at night and she gets the morning sun on her doorstep.

Aren't these amazing?

Would you believe, they are made of resin?

I think they look like the real deal.

Don't forget to pop over the Decorating forum for some great ideas.


  1. I love Lulu's kennel, the colour is great. Some Adirondack chairs are on my wish list too. Your courtyard's looking very spruced. gxo

  2. Looks fab!
    Nothing like a pre-spring clean to usher in the real thing.

    xx Felicity

  3. Looks amazing Deb! Those bricks (which I love by the way) have come up amazing and Ilove your new little nook. Lulu's set-up puts our poor Asha's kennel to shame!! Love those wall decorations too x

  4. What great results! I think I might need one of those pressure spray thingies! Love your adirondacks too (and Lulu) x

  5. Snap!We did a pressure clean of our paths as well. We love our gerni. Doesn't it give your courtyard a lift. Love your outdoor chairs too.xx

  6. Inspiration galore!! We must get one of those high pressure hoses - what a great idea and your's a lotta lotta hard work that went into that paving! Your courtyard looks great and I love those little wall hangings, would never have guessed their secret. Now to put some plans on paper for my courtyard for spring - thanks for the inspiration. Alison x

  7. Love the colour of Lulu's kennel and the shed. The Adirondack chairs look perfect in their new place.
    Love high pressure water cleaners, I couldn't live without mine.

  8. What a DIFFERENCE! Looks amazing and all ready for Spring.
    Its funny to come and see that youve just done what we are about to embark on. Cleaning our deck and outdoor setting as it has fungus, and possum doodads, etc. ewww. We have yet to purchase a pressure thing tho. Hope we dont buy a dud if they are going to fight over it. Lets just say I hope mine are still young enough to fight over something that involves work, x

  9. Has spring sprung or are you just being an early bird? Either way, it looks great. The gurni does an amazing job. The wall plaques look impressive too. ;-)

  10. Your courtyard looks amazing! You are so ready for Spring! Bring it on! X


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